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How to Order
How to buy Rosenpigs

Purchasing Rosenpigs:

At the moment, the best way to purchase a Rosenpig is to shop at Occupied - a cute store located at:

221 Abbott Street
Vancouver BC Canada
(Located in Gastown)

What's going on with Rosenpig Merchandise?!

Currently we are still making "Round Rosenpigs" (see below) available for custom orders - we will be doing a big batch in the summer of 2007.  With Erica at school in Ontario, and Aaron at work in Vancouver, it would be hard to fill orders any earlier.

Round Rosenpigs

The latest batch available at Occupied is our brand new "Flat Rosenpig" model (see below).  They were recently featured in a Baltimore art show called "I'm stuffed."  Erica's first Gallery exhibition!!

There are currently Flat Rosenpigs available for order online - they are in limited supply however!

Flat Rosenpigs - Mountain of Snuggles


+ Every Rosenpig is unique and hand-sewn with your favourite colour of fur.
+ Each 60$ Round Rosen pig order is shipped with:

            1 plush doll
            1 Numbered Rosenpig tag
            1 Rosenfile collectable story card (one of a kind)
            1 Rosenpig adventure card (hand painted original)

+ Each 35$ Flat Rosen pig order is shipped with:
            1 plush doll
            1 Hand Painted Rosenpig adventure tag
+ Rosenpigs can have adventures that suit your personalities.  Harold and James are sending piggies through time from the 1940’s, so whether you’re a civil war enthusiast or a science fiction aficionado, they will find answers for all your burning mysteries.  Everyone likes stuff, so if you don’t have any mysteries to be solved, just tell us what stuff you like, and Harold and James will try and make you happy.
+ Accordingly, Rosenpigs can make very well thought out gifts.
+ Rosenpigs that have been sold will have a red dot on their Rosenfile.

+ Sales are made through pay-pal, in Canadian Funds.  They are to be negotiated with Erica:
+ Talk to us about quantity discounts!

Shipping: either 8$ CAN, or COST

Rosenpigs are the invention of Aaron White; a Guinea pig enthusiast.
Rosenpigs in doll form are the invention of Erica Pitt; a Pomeranian enthusiast.
Rosenpig Sales and sewing are handled by Erica, while accessories and marketing are handled by Aaron.
(No third world sweatshop labour involved. Canadian-grown piggies only.)

Everything on this website is ©Aaron White 2003-2009 and may be used with permission or with credit given, to spread guineapig joy.

Fur Swatches.
Purchasing Rosenpigs:

Please select from the furs below. Let Erica know what fur code you would like; click to find fur code. Unavailable furs will be marked with a red dot.