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Jan 20 2009
Now's your big chance, don't blink...


I know you're all on facebook, so make sure you do it! Spread the word, share fanart, take pics of your dolls on exotic adventures! Aside from that excitement, Series 4 of Rosenpigs, an ultra limited 5 piggy litter was delivered to The Occupied shoppe in gastown Vancouver just before the holidays. I'll be posting some pics of them and the adventure they went on shortly. If you can't wait, they're already up on the facebook page!

March 07 2008
You may have heard the news already...

Rosenpig and his band of merry piglets have started their journey to stardom. Bardel Entertainment Inc. in vancouver has optioned them, and is currently working on developing a series. Very exciting news.

There are also some rosenpig postcards available in the Occupied Shop in Vancouver, and it's remotely possible there will be a few more dolls at some point.

July 19 2006
A super large update today. A full litter of piggies has just been delivered! SIX!! SIX newborn guinea pigs. That's 11 through 16 for those keeping track. What CRAZY adventures have they been on? You'll find out in the ROSENFILES...

The biggest and most important adventure is that these little guys are all IN STORES ONLY. If you live in vancouver you can pick them up at: Occupied: Cutest Store in the Universe

Also - I've embedded the cartoon using the power of youtube! Make sure you bookmark There will be some small but important changes soon.

March 29 2006
Rosenpig 10 visits the great master for some classical art training! I hope his new owner goes art crazy too. Classical, old school training is where it's at, and guinea-pigs are fully down with artists. It's all about the desire to learn and a work hard attitude! That's tastier than carrots! Viva da life-drawing!
Look for some hot new Rosenpig merchandise soon - and keep those orders coming - I gots to keep drawing. (My Flash animation day job doesn't satisfy my art school needs quite right.)

March 28 2006
It has been a while! Rosenpigs have been selling, but we've been slow getting them done. However, this shall be the summer of Rosenpigs: big plans for the time travelling Cavies. They are currently being pitched to various studios for development as a short format cartoon series. Interest has been shown! (Your rosenpig's value could more than quadruplicate!)

Anyhow, Rosenpig 9 is off to the desert, with nary a vegetable in sight, he may go mad... but the sweet tunes of those Elliott Brood cowboys may just keep him alive.
Expect the next shocking adventure in just a few short days! Squeeeeeek!!

Sept 13 2005
New Rosenpig file!! #8 is here. The owner enjoys science fiction and cats, so that's what she got! Go savour the adventure. Soon we'll have a nice product shot up so you can see exactly what each order comes with.

Aug 04 2005
I have recompressed the rosenpig movies in "The Story." They are reasonably sized now. Also, because Rosenpigs come with watercolour paintings, here is a link to my Art / Porfolio page:

July 09 2005
After some delay, the Rosenpig movies are finally up to watch. Please enjoy! Also check out a Rosenpig on a MOTORCYCLE!! (in photo gallery)
Rosenfiles 6 and 7 just added. More to come.

June 10 2005
Hopefully within a week, "The Grand Adventures of Rosenpig" animation will be online for perusal. As it stands, the website is ready to take orders for the dolls. Thanks to everyone who's taken a gander.

May 20 2005
Rosenpig's Webworld is finally here. If you like guinea-pigs or extremely cute and bizare stuffed animals, you have found the place where they live. Unfortunately, some of them are without homes and will need to be purchased post-haste!!