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American Woman 
Started on Thursday July 20 00:09:24 2000 

American Woman 5/18/00 9:01 PM : wasup who are ya well how old are ya 

Aaron 5/18/00 9:08 PM : didn't you add me to your list first? 

American Woman 5/18/00 9:09 PM : well ya but i didn't look on your info 

Aaron 5/18/00 9:14 PM : Have you now? 

American Woman 5/18/00 9:17 PM : yup you live in canada did ya look at mine i'm 
kinda way younger than you you probably won't 
want to talk to me know i hope ya will bc it 
really doesn't matter i have older plp on here 

Aaron 5/18/00 9:21 PM : well, a pessimistic attitude doesn't get you 
very far with me, but I'm not an age 

American Woman 5/18/00 9:21 PM : thats good 

American Woman 6/14/00 10:52 PM : wasup 

American Woman 6/28/00 1:04 AM : wasup 

Aaron 6/28/00 1:05 AM : nothing much really, just staying up late 
procrastinating sleep. 

American Woman 6/28/00 1:06 AM : thats cool 

Aaron 6/28/00 1:07 AM : actually, it's dangerously uncool. 

American Woman 6/28/00 1:07 AM : why is it uncool 

Aaron 6/28/00 1:08 AM : sleep is cool, right? 
therefore, no sleep is not. 

American Woman 6/28/00 1:09 AM : well i don't think not sleepin isn't cool a 
lot of ppl do 

Aaron 6/28/00 1:11 AM : woah woah, way to many negatives, which 
thought were you trying to convey? 

American Woman 6/28/00 1:12 AM : why were they negatives? 

Aaron 6/28/00 1:14 AM : you don't not isn't in a sentence is just way 
too much to untangle, and then when you do, 
you're not even sure if that's what the person 

American Woman 6/28/00 1:16 AM : oh ok gotcha i'll try harder lol 

Aaron 6/28/00 1:17 AM : excellent... *whip-cha* *whip-ca!* 
so says grammar king. 

American Woman 6/28/00 1:18 AM : yea 

American Woman 6/30/00 12:01 AM : wasup 

Aaron 6/30/00 12:02 AM : hmmm, downloading sneaker pimps mp3s. 

American Woman 6/30/00 12:06 AM : oh ok thats cool what do you do down in canada 
or is that where you live do you have a 
girlfriend or anything 

Aaron 6/30/00 12:07 AM : not right now, up in canada isn't it? 
well, mostly I chop trees down and hunt 
beavers. I play a lot of hockey, because it 
snows all year long. 

American Woman 6/30/00 12:08 AM : i would hate that,that it snows all year round 

Aaron 6/30/00 12:09 AM : no, no, it's warm snow during the summer. 

American Woman 6/30/00 12:10 AM : for real woa that would be awesome 

Aaron 6/30/00 12:20 AM : is really is, except when there's too much of 
it, things get really humid. 

American Woman 6/30/00 12:21 AM : thats cool 

Aaron 6/30/00 12:29 AM : Have you ever eaten beaver meat? 

American Woman 6/30/00 12:30 AM : nope i don't think why is it good 

Aaron 6/30/00 12:31 AM : it taste like a really sweet steak. You 
should set up a beaver net sometime. Do you 
have beavers where you live? 

American Woman 6/30/00 12:31 AM : yup!i'll try that some time 

American Woman 7/2/00 11:27 PM : wasup 

Aaron 7/2/00 11:27 PM : sorry, busy. 

American Woman 7/2/00 11:28 PM : so u can't talk 

Aaron 7/2/00 11:28 PM : in a second. 

American Woman 7/2/00 11:29 PM : k 

American Woman 7/5/00 11:58 PM : wasup 

Aaron 7/5/00 11:58 PM : Hey there american woman. 

American Woman 7/6/00 12:00 AM : wasup italian boy 

Aaron 7/6/00 12:00 AM : no no, canadian. 

American Woman 7/6/00 12:01 AM : oh!!! 

Aaron 7/6/00 12:03 AM : yes, remember, I live in an igloo. 

American Woman 7/6/00 12:04 AM : oh yea i'm thinky of soby 

Aaron 7/6/00 12:07 AM : hmmm? soby? 

American Woman 7/6/00 12:07 AM : yup he is italian from italy 

Aaron 7/6/00 12:08 AM : well, I'm Aaron, much better, I'm canadian 
from the moon. 

American Woman 7/6/00 12:08 AM : oh ok gotcha 

American Woman 7/7/00 12:10 AM : wasup 

Aaron 7/7/00 12:12 AM : Both yours and mine own ceiling? 

American Woman 7/7/00 12:13 AM : yup 

Aaron 7/7/00 12:14 AM : Just joking, we don't have a ceiling. We have 
a bunch of ice blocks though. 

American Woman 7/7/00 12:16 AM : oh ok 

Aaron 7/7/00 12:17 AM : What's wrong? Aren't you interested? 

American Woman 7/7/00 12:18 AM : in what? 

Aaron 7/7/00 12:19 AM : My Icy ceiling. 

American Woman 7/7/00 12:19 AM : oh do u really, how do u have a computer? 

Aaron 7/7/00 12:21 AM : It's a laptop, we run a power cable accross 
the ice to the igloo. I'm snuggled up in my 
sleeping bag now. 

American Woman 7/7/00 12:21 AM : for real that would be weird are u lyin to me? 

Aaron 7/7/00 12:23 AM : nope. what would I have to gain? Sometimes I 
tell people I live in a big mansion because 
I'm ashamed of my canadian lifestyle though. 
Igloos are fun, but cold. At least I'm 
bundled up well. 

American Woman 7/7/00 12:25 AM : why are u ashamed i wouldn't be that would be 
cool to live in one but i wouldn't be able to 
live in one for a long time 

Aaron 7/7/00 12:31 AM : exactly, it gets annoying after a while. All 
we eat is fish while we're in here. 

American Woman 7/7/00 12:32 AM : really.oh well what else could u eat 

Aaron 7/7/00 12:33 AM : ice, it tastes pretty bland though. 

American Woman 7/7/00 12:33 AM : oh i like ice and snow i eat it all the time 

Aaron 7/7/00 12:35 AM : You shouldn't, biting ice makes fractures in 
your teeth, and eventually they fall out like 
mine did. I mash the fish into a soft pulp 
before I drink it. 

American Woman 7/7/00 12:37 AM : oh really well i don't all the time how long 
have u haven't had teeth 

Aaron 7/7/00 12:42 AM : two months, still not used to it. I have to 
take a mallet with me to the restaurants in 
town, and hit everything on my plate really 
hard, then I pour some water on it and mix it 
around with a fork. You'd think a lot of food 
would be hard to liquidize, but really it can 
be done to anything. If you hit it hard 
enough that is. 

American Woman 7/7/00 12:42 AM : o really 

Aaron 7/7/00 12:44 AM : try it at dinner tomorrow. You'll be 
surprised at how good everything tastes. 

American Woman 7/7/00 12:44 AM : ok i'll do that 

Aaron 7/7/00 12:45 AM : if you use a hammer, put the food on the floor 
first so you don't break your plate. 

American Woman 7/7/00 12:46 AM : ok 

Aaron 7/7/00 12:47 AM : what are you having for diner tomorrow? 

American Woman 7/7/00 12:48 AM : i dunno? 

Aaron 7/7/00 12:48 AM : go ask 

American Woman 7/7/00 12:49 AM : my parents are sleepin it is 

Aaron 7/7/00 12:51 AM : ohh, its a constant twilight here because of 
the angle of the sun. 

American Woman 7/7/00 12:52 AM : oh really 

Aaron 7/7/00 12:52 AM : Look in the freezer, I have to know what 
you're having for supper. 

American Woman 7/7/00 12:53 AM : i wouldn't know there is ton's of stuff in 

Aaron 7/7/00 12:54 AM : list all of it then? 

American Woman 7/7/00 12:55 AM : i don't know them all i will tell ya tommorow 
but i had pizza today for supper 

Aaron 7/7/00 12:56 AM : that takes a lot of water, and ripping into 
tiny pieces. 

American Woman 7/7/00 12:56 AM : really 

Aaron 7/7/00 12:59 AM : yeah, it's annoying, we don't order it much 
because it always gets cold before it gets 

American Woman 7/7/00 1:00 AM : really 

Aaron 7/7/00 1:00 AM : yep 

American Woman 7/7/00 1:01 AM : yep not here 

American Woman 7/9/00 9:28 PM : wasup 

Aaron 7/9/00 9:29 PM : Nothing now, the igloo collapsed. Not while 
we were in it thankfully. 

American Woman 7/9/00 9:30 PM : for real wow 

Aaron 7/9/00 9:31 PM : It's not good though, because we don't have 
much shelter now. 

American Woman 7/9/00 9:32 PM : i'm sorry hey do u have a pic 

Aaron 7/9/00 9:33 PM : There's one at my website, devoted to that 
which I admire more than anything, the hot 
ice-melting power of, well go see. 

American Woman 7/9/00 9:34 PM ok 

American Woman 7/9/00 11:55 PM wasup 

Aaron 7/9/00 11:56 PM Nope, still no ceiling. 

American Woman 7/9/00 11:57 PM ok 

Aaron 7/9/00 11:58 PM What's up over there? 

American Woman 7/9/00 11:59 PM the sky no not really when ppl say wasup it 
means hi or whatcha up to 

Aaron 7/10/00 12:01 AM : In Canada, we ask that only to communicate the 
pondering of what is above another's cranium. 
Or located at one's zenith. 

American Woman 7/10/00 12:02 AM : oh ok not here 

Aaron 7/10/00 12:04 AM : Ok then, I am up to a height of five feet and 
seven inches. 

American Woman 7/10/00 12:05 AM : no not that like hi or whatcha been up to like 
the things u did or somethin 

Aaron 7/10/00 12:09 AM : But did I not grow to that said height? Is it 
not a thing I have done and finished? Yet one 
more task in my ice-filled canadian life? 

American Woman 7/10/00 12:09 AM : ok when i say wasup u answer anyway u like i 
dunno ur terms 

Aaron 7/10/00 12:11 AM : sounds good, well, usually I'm not doing 
anything but building the igloo and fixing the 
igloo. Right now, I'm fixing it. 

American Woman 7/10/00 12:12 AM : thats cool 

Aaron 7/10/00 12:13 AM : Do you think you could get the US to send us 
some houses? Too many of us live in these 
shoddy igloos. 

American Woman 7/10/00 12:14 AM : i dunno who would i speak to? 

Aaron 7/10/00 12:14 AM : One of your important leaders, of course. 

American Woman 7/10/00 12:17 AM : like the president 

Aaron 7/10/00 12:17 AM : exactly, go for it. 

American Woman 7/10/00 12:18 AM : k i'll try 

American Woman 7/10/00 12:50 AM : hey why aren't u talkin to me? 

Aaron 7/10/00 12:52 AM : Sorry, I thought you were going to talk to the 

American Woman 7/10/00 12:56 AM : no i will write him a letter and send it in 
the mail 

American Woman 7/10/00 12:57 AM : what time is it at ur house 

Aaron 7/10/00 12:58 AM : My computer says 12:58, but because of the 
constant twilight, it doesn't matter. Nobody 
really needs to sleep since it doesn't get 

American Woman 7/10/00 12:07 PM : really cool 

Aaron 7/14/00 3:35 PM : Hey there, has the president written back yet? 

American Woman 7/14/00 3:38 PM : no i don't think it even got to him yet 

Aaron 7/14/00 3:39 PM : Wow, over here, you can send parchments quite 
quickly. The dog sleds are among the best in 
the world. 

American Woman 7/14/00 3:40 PM : kewl beans 

Aaron 7/14/00 3:41 PM : What? No, dog sleds, a team of dogs is 
harnessed, and they pull a sled. 

American Woman 7/14/00 3:42 PM : what? 

Aaron 7/14/00 3:42 PM : That's how we send our mail. 

American Woman 7/14/00 3:43 PM : oic we have a mail man w/a car to get around 
and deliver mail 

Aaron 7/14/00 3:44 PM : A car? Wouldn't that be expensive? Cars use 
much more gasoline than dogs. 

American Woman 7/14/00 3:46 PM : no not in america we have alot of money 

Aaron 7/14/00 3:47 PM : Everyone does? Only a handful of the richest 
noblemen here have working cars, and of course 
the king. 

American Woman 7/14/00 6:33 PM : well i mean we are the country that has the 
most money put all together 

American Woman 7/14/00 11:11 PM : wasup 

Aaron 7/14/00 11:12 PM : A newly furnished igloo ceiling. My best yet. 

American Woman 7/14/00 11:12 PM : hah cool 

Aaron 7/14/00 11:13 PM : You'd think so, but it's pretty warm in here 
surprisingly enough. 

American Woman 7/14/00 11:14 PM : really 

Aaron 7/14/00 11:15 PM : Maybe some time if you ever come to canada, 
you could come live with me for a while, and 
we could snuggle up in my igloo. 

American Woman 7/14/00 11:16 PM : ok kewl 

Aaron 7/14/00 11:18 PM : But we wouldn't be able to... well you know. 
Only once a year does our national mating 
ritual occur. It just past two weeks ago. 

American Woman 7/14/00 11:18 PM : really i wasn't goin to do that w/u but really 
u can only do it when it is matin season 

Aaron 7/14/00 11:20 PM : Yes, but trust me, if you did visit during 
that time, you'd be honoured to be chosen by 
me. I am third heir to the throne of ontario. 

American Woman 7/14/00 11:21 PM : really but i waitin till i'm married 

Aaron 7/14/00 11:23 PM : You don't have to wait over here, as long as 
you take the oath of relinquishment, and don 
the ceremonial eyepatch. 

American Woman 7/14/00 11:24 PM : really thats weird have u ever!! 

Aaron 7/14/00 11:28 PM : Not technically, I wore the eyepatch that is 
to say. 
It's not quite as good, if you know what I 
mean. Most of the three-dimensional aspects 
of one's vision come directly from having two 
eyes you know. I will be allowed freedom once 
I begin hunting with the elders. 

American Woman 7/14/00 11:29 PM : really,it is way different from here to canada 

Aaron 7/14/00 11:30 PM : You mean, you've... never, even with an 

American Woman 7/14/00 11:31 PM : what? 

Aaron 7/14/00 11:35 PM : Aww well. 
Don't worry for now, you shall be taken for 
mating when the moons are ripe. 

American Woman 7/14/00 11:36 PM : i'm sorry i have like what u are tryin to say 
like u need to explain more b/c i dunno 

Aaron 7/14/00 11:39 PM : You haven't been mated yet. I was just 
reasuring you that you would be when the time 
was right. 

Who is your arranged bed mate? 

American Woman 7/14/00 11:40 PM : oic i'm askin what about u!! 

Aaron 7/14/00 11:42 PM : Oh, you are requesting union with me. 
What lands do your parents own? And how many 
times a day would you allow mating? 

American Woman 7/14/00 11:43 PM : wait a min.what are u talkin about and i said 
have u ever had sex!! 

Aaron 7/14/00 11:44 PM : I told you that I only have with the 
ceremonial eyepatch. This does not incur 
bonding vows, which are reserved for your 

American Woman 7/14/00 11:46 PM : what is a eye patch somethin that goes on ur 
eye and u ahd asex w/it nad i ahve no clue 
whatcha talkin abput!! 

Aaron 7/14/00 11:48 PM : Yes... I've already gone over this... it is 
part of the ceremony! It's like the ones 
pirates used to wear, we wear it to honour the 
memory of said pirates. 

American Woman 7/14/00 11:49 PM : oic so u wear it but u said u have sex w/it 

Aaron 7/14/00 11:52 PM : Yes, but it must remain on my eye at all 

American Woman 7/14/00 11:53 PM : wow for real so how many times have u done it 

Aaron 7/14/00 11:57 PM : As many times as the moon has been full. 

American Woman 7/14/00 11:57 PM : wow w/ur girlfriend or somethin do u have a 

Aaron 7/14/00 11:58 PM : My mating partner. Do you want a pic of the 

American Woman 7/14/00 11:59 PM : sure!!is it the same girl every time!! 

American Woman 7/15/00 12:00 AM : what is that? 

Aaron 7/15/00 12:02 AM : One second, I have a picture of us in the 
intimate moments. 

American Woman 7/15/00 12:02 AM : ok!! 

I hope as a reader you understand exactly what she's asking for. I sent a very suggestive picture here. 

American Woman 7/15/00 12:06 AM : gross i didn't know what u were talkin about i 
didn't want to see that!!i wanna see ur face 

Aaron 7/15/00 12:07 AM : That was not gross, here's my face two years 

This is where I send a real picture of myself. 

American Woman 7/15/00 12:09 AM : ok is it just u?what are u doin and yea that 
was gross 

Aaron 7/15/00 12:09 AM : You said you wanted to see the ritual. 

American Woman 7/15/00 12:10 AM : i didn't know what that was and what are u 
doin in this pic 

Aaron 7/15/00 12:10 AM : It is just me. 

American Woman 7/15/00 12:11 AM : doin what 

American Woman 7/15/00 12:11 AM : hello 

American Woman 7/16/00 10:39 PM : wasup 

Aaron 7/16/00 10:42 PM : Stars, I'm sleeping outside the igloo tonight. 

American Woman 7/16/00 10:42 PM : kewl!! 

Aaron 7/16/00 10:43 PM : What are you doing now, my beloved? 

American Woman 7/16/00 10:44 PM : my beloved!!that was harsh 

Aaron 7/16/00 10:44 PM : What do you mean, over here it conveys deep 
feelings of affection. Is it an insult in 

American Woman 7/16/00 10:45 PM : no but u say it when u really luv someone!! 

Aaron 7/16/00 10:47 PM : Are we not betrothal partners? 
I have withheld my bonding vows for you. 

American Woman 7/16/00 10:47 PM : what?u hardly know me!!! 

Aaron 7/16/00 10:49 PM : The stars have foretold our union. I can see 
them now. They show a future of many children 
with you, luxurious igloos built higher than 
ever before, and unbridled happiness. 

American Woman 7/16/00 10:52 PM : how can u tell by the stars 

Aaron 7/16/00 10:55 PM : All canadiens have been taught to read the 
stars. Throughout the ages not once have they 
been wrong. Misinterpretation occurs, but it 
is clear their meaning tonight. 

American Woman 7/16/00 10:57 PM : oic but!!!!it won't happen!!!!its weird!!!!i 
dunno!!!!!i probably won't even meet u!! 

Aaron 7/16/00 10:58 PM : At the moment, of course it seems strange. Do 
not think of it for now. At the chosen time 
we will meet perhaps by accident. Neither of 
us will remember this age, but perhaps I'll 
invite you back to my igloo, and ferocious 
love will be made. 

American Woman 7/16/00 11:00 PM : no thanks i'm not into sex i wait till i'm 
married and i want my husband to be a virgin 

Aaron 7/16/00 11:04 PM : I am that which you wish, and the vows of 
bonding will be incured as we give in to the 
thralls of passion. 

American Woman 7/16/00 11:05 PM : i ahve no clue what u are talkina bout!! 

Aaron 7/16/00 11:07 PM : We will be wed at the moment I enter you. All 
will be right as the vows are taken. 

American Woman 7/16/00 11:07 PM : u are scarin me!! 

Aaron 7/16/00 11:09 PM : Just look at my picture, and be calmed. 
Besides, the stars are never wrong. Do not 
expect me to make anything happen. Events 
occur in their own time. 

American Woman 7/16/00 11:19 PM : yea i know but what pic are u talkin about?\ 

Aaron 7/16/00 11:19 PM : The first one of course. 

American Woman 7/16/00 11:20 PM : what? 

Aaron 7/16/00 11:20 PM : you know the ritual? 

American Woman 7/16/00 11:21 PM : yea!!!soo? 

Aaron 7/16/00 11:21 PM : I sent you a picture of it right? Thinking of 
it comforts me at least. 

American Woman 7/16/00 11:22 PM : ewwww.i thought it was gross!!!!! 

Aaron 7/16/00 11:22 PM : But it was an act of beauty. You are 
offending me. Please do not hurt me so. 

American Woman 7/16/00 11:24 PM : sorry but i don't think it is beauty it is 
just my oppinion and u can't get mad over 
someones oppion 

Aaron 7/16/00 11:26 PM : I can't? Oh... I thought I could. Well, when 
the time is right you will think of it in a 
different light. 

American Woman 7/16/00 11:27 PM : no i won't i stay w/my oppinions!!!no u can't 
b/c it is what a person feels and u can not 
tell them they can't think that!! 

Aaron 7/16/00 11:29 PM : What if a person thinks it's alright to murder 
other people? Am I not allowed to be mad. 
Isn't my anger also an opinion I'm justified 
in having? Why can't I tell the person why 
they're wrong? Why wouldn't they listen, just 
in case I made sense? 

American Woman 7/16/00 11:31 PM : yea thats true but u can say that but i am not 
gettin mad for ur oppinion u might think it is 
wrong to murder and u can be mad at that but u 
can not be mad at the oppion 

Aaron 7/16/00 11:35 PM : Ok, you're absolutely right. I see what your 
saying, you phrased that rather well. I 
usually don't admit to being wrong you know.,, 
I'm sorry, let's make up. Would you like to 
come over to my igloo sometime? 

American Woman 7/16/00 11:50 PM : well g2g C ya* 

Aaron 7/16/00 11:51 PM : Fare thee well. 

American Woman 7/18/00 9:08 PM : hey!! 

Aaron 7/18/00 9:08 PM : Hello! How are you? 

American Woman 7/18/00 9:08 PM : fine!!!u? 

Aaron 7/18/00 9:09 PM : Extremely warm, it just snowed today. 

American Woman 7/18/00 9:09 PM : kewl beanz! 

Aaron 7/18/00 9:10 PM : What? No, snow, the white stuff that falls 
from the sky. 

American Woman 7/18/00 9:11 PM : yea we have it but not all year round 

Aaron 7/18/00 9:12 PM : Like as in it stops as soon as things get 
warm? You're missing out on so much fun. I 
hate cold snow. 

American Woman 7/18/00 9:14 PM : thats what we have i would hate to have snow 
year round 

Aaron 7/18/00 9:16 PM : Yeah, I sometimes get tired of it. Repetition 
can be really annoying. It's really stupid 
when things happen over and over, it makes me 
quite upset. 

American Woman 7/18/00 9:20 PM : yea its not like that here 

Aaron 7/18/00 9:21 PM : For how long do you get snow then, only in the 

American Woman 7/18/00 9:21 PM : yup just for a month and a few more weeks not 
for long 

Aaron 7/18/00 9:22 PM : What form does the precipitation take the rest 
of the year? Freezing rain? 

American Woman 7/18/00 9:22 PM : what do u mean> 

Aaron 7/18/00 9:23 PM : Like instead of snow, what happens? Hail, 
sleet, freezing rain? 

American Woman 7/18/00 9:24 PM : do u mean in the winter 

Aaron 7/18/00 9:26 PM : No the rest of the year, when there isn't 
snow. What happens instead? 

American Woman 7/18/00 9:27 PM : there is summer, fall, spring, winter,and they 
have like have different tempertures 

Aaron 7/18/00 9:35 PM : No, no, there are two seasons, summer winter, 
warm cold. 
Wouldn't the other ones just be in between 
stages and therefore unecessary? 

American Woman 7/18/00 9:36 PM : i have no clue what u are talkin bout> 

Aaron 7/18/00 9:37 PM : Aren't "fall" and "spring" just stages 
inbetween summer and winter? 

American Woman 7/18/00 9:38 PM : yea!! 

Aaron 7/18/00 9:39 PM : I'm sorry you lost me... 

American Woman 7/18/00 9:39 PM : yea u i'm lost too!! 

Aaron 7/18/00 9:40 PM : So why do you name four seasons when there are 
only really two, and the stages in between? 

American Woman 7/18/00 9:42 PM : bc/ in the fall thats when halloween is and 
that when the leaves fall from the trees and i 
dunno!!it is different though b/c they all are 
different than another 

Aaron 7/18/00 9:44 PM : Oh, so you're letting trees walk all over you, 
and you let them tell you how to talk now. 
That sounds very unamerican. 

American Woman 7/18/00 9:44 PM : no!! u just don't get it!!never mind u don't 
know how americans are 

Aaron 7/18/00 9:46 PM : Yes I do! It's you who doesn't understand 
Americans! They think they're so hot with all 
their trees. Well I'm sick of it. I demand 
an apology. 

American Woman 7/18/00 9:47 PM : no b/c u can not just say all americans are!! 
so bite me!!and u are so judgemental 

Aaron 7/18/00 9:49 PM : Why would you want me to bite you? Besides, 
okay maybe not all Americans flaunt their 
trees, but you sure have been. Tree this, 
tree that, I mean come on. 

American Woman 7/18/00 9:51 PM : bite me is a exspersion and no i'm just tellin 
u that in the fall the most of the leaves fall 
from the trees and u are so judgemental!!* 

Aaron 7/18/00 9:53 PM : Are you honouring me by allowing me to bite 
What's the point of having that season, if it 
just makes leaves fall off trees? Don't you 
people like leaves better ON the trees? 

American Woman 7/18/00 9:55 PM : no i'm tellin u is that is b/c i don't know 
how to describe fall so i just said that!! and 
no it's supposed to be a rude compliment 

American Woman 7/18/00 10:05 PM : do u have anything to say!!mister judger 

Aaron 7/18/00 10:14 PM : Sorry, I was just gutting some fish for a 

American Woman 7/18/00 10:14 PM : aight!! 

American Woman 7/19/00 10:32 PM : hey judgemental boy!! 

American Woman 7/19/00 10:39 PM : u don't have any rude compliments 

Aaron 7/19/00 10:40 PM : What's a rude compliment? 

American Woman 7/19/00 10:40 PM : like when u say something mean!!!! 

Aaron 7/19/00 10:41 PM : Why would I have a "something mean?" 

Aaron 7/19/00 10:42 PM : Do you have a picture of yourself? 

American Woman 7/19/00 10:42 PM : b/c u was yesterday u are very judgemental 
towards americans 

Aaron 7/19/00 10:42 PM : I like Americans so much! Have you gotten a 
letter back from the president yet? 

American Woman 7/19/00 10:43 PM : nope it probably won't get there b/c we have a 
small town!!and nope i don't have a pi 

Aaron 7/19/00 10:44 PM : I don't have any pies either. Most of our 
pies are made out of fish and ice. Is that 
how you make pie too? 

American Woman 7/19/00 10:46 PM : no i meant pic but really if u talk bout it we 
have many kinds 

Aaron 7/19/00 10:47 PM : We do too. Partially mushed fish with very 
cold ice pie, fully mushed fish with warm ice 
pie, and all the subsequent combinations 

American Woman 7/19/00 10:48 PM : i couldn't eat that!!i would barf 

Aaron 7/19/00 10:49 PM : We have that kind of pie too. 

American Woman 7/19/00 10:50 PM : that is not a kind i said i couldn't eat it i 
would barf 

Aaron 7/19/00 10:51 PM : We make pies out of barf. The children of our 
society as well as other like myself who lack 
teeth find partially digested food much easier 
to handle. 

American Woman 7/19/00 10:51 PM : u eat barf!!!! 

Aaron 7/19/00 10:52 PM : The exclamation marks were quite unecessary, 
as that is what I just admitted to. 

American Woman 7/19/00 10:54 PM : well excuse me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i couldn't eat 
barf we are different than u guys so get used 
to it we have different foods and everything 
and u are too sensitive 

American Woman 7/19/00 11:31 PM : u didn't write back are u ic norryin me 

Aaron 7/19/00 11:33 PM : Am I what?! 

American Woman 7/19/00 11:34 PM : ecnorrin me like actin like i'm not here 

Aaron 7/19/00 11:36 PM : I'm am unfamiliar with the term ecnorrin. Is 
it the name of a deceased relative or a 
locally served dessert? 

American Woman 7/19/00 11:37 PM : no thats not the way u spell it but it means u 
are actin like i'm not here 

Aaron 7/19/00 11:38 PM : But aren't you? ... There I mean, aren't you 

American Woman 7/19/00 11:39 PM : yea but i am talkin to u and u are actin like 
u don't know me and u are actin like i'm not 

American Woman 7/19/00 11:44 PM : see u are not talkin to me 

Aaron 7/19/00 11:44 PM : I'm sorry it's not you it's me. It's really 
me. Growing up surrouded by nothing save the 
cold barren wastelands of Canada has turned me 
into a bitter and angry person. I'm not used 
to people getting close to me. I feel like 
I'm constantly encased in an igloo of 
defensiveness. I want to help you break 
through it, but this may take time and care, 
understanding and commitment. 

American Woman 7/19/00 11:45 PM : help me go threw what? 

Aaron 7/19/00 11:48 PM : It was a metaphor, my defensiveness and how 
bitter I am, represented by an igloo I must 
break out of. Use your ice pick of caring and 
flame thrower of love to free me. 

American Woman 7/19/00 11:49 PM : love what are u talkin bout? 

Aaron 7/19/00 11:50 PM : It was another metaphor. I'm trying so hard 
to open up to you. Be careful with my fragile 
heart of ice. 

American Woman 7/19/00 11:51 PM : open to me as what a freind 

Aaron 7/19/00 11:52 PM : If that's all you'll take me as. Let us hope 
that the heat of your friendship will be 
enough to melt my icy crust. 

American Woman 7/19/00 11:53 PM : well i would like u as a friend!!!why do u 
ahve a fragile heart 

American Woman 7/28/00 9:04 PM hey!!!!! 

Aaron 7/28/00 9:05 PM What is up? 

American Woman 7/28/00 9:05 PM not a thang 

Aaron 7/28/00 9:07 PM Hmmm, let's see I am on the computer talking 
to you. 
I am not engaged in many other activities, as 
I find it hard to type at the same time. 

American Woman 7/28/00 9:07 PM aight 

Aaron 7/28/00 9:08 PM How do you pronounce that word? What does it 

American Woman 7/28/00 9:09 PM what word 

Aaron 7/28/00 9:10 PM I believe it was aight. 

American Woman 7/28/00 9:11 PM o i don't know how to pronounce it on the 

Aaron 7/28/00 9:14 PM Spell it phonetically. I have trouble reading 
it in my mind. 

American Woman 7/28/00 9:16 PM i don't know what u mean? 

Aaron 7/28/00 9:19 PM Oh, I meant spell it the way it sounds like 
the word apple would be spelt a-pull. 

American Woman 7/29/00 2:28 AM its aight 

Aaron 7/31/00 10:13 PM And how are we this evening? 

American Woman 7/31/00 10:17 PM I"M good what about u 

Aaron 7/31/00 10:18 PM Not holding up. Have you had any word from 
the president yet? Things aren't good right 

Aaron 7/31/00 10:20 PM Not holding up. Have you had any word from 
the president yet? Things aren't good right 

American Woman 7/31/00 10:26 PM nope i don't think it is even there 

Aaron 7/31/00 10:27 PM I don't understand. I mean you sent it weeks 
ago. Did you check the postage and did you 
make sure it was sealed properly? 

American Woman 7/31/00 10:28 PM yup but sometimes it doesn't get there can't u 
send it to him 

Aaron 7/31/00 10:29 PM I don't have sufficient postage. Besides, you 
already sent it, and I have faith in the US 
postal system. 

American Woman 7/31/00 10:30 PM u wouldn't know 

Aaron 7/31/00 10:31 PM According to the Internet, they operate a very 
proficient enterprise. 

American Woman 7/31/00 10:32 PM yea but i dunno 

Aaron 7/31/00 10:34 PM Why would you judge them? Have faith! 

American Woman 7/31/00 10:36 PM ur weird!!!!i don't even know if i sent it i 
sent some stuff to places but i dunno if it 
was in there 

Aaron 7/31/00 10:37 PM But you told me you sent it. All I have is an 
igloo and a laptop. Why would you make fun of 
me, and lie to me? 

American Woman 7/31/00 10:38 PM what the hell how can i be makin fun of u 
come to conclusions too fast!!!and i don't 
know if it was sent i dunno i didn't say it 
wasn't so shut the hell up 

Aaron 7/31/00 10:40 PM No, no, I apoligize, if I have offended you, I 
withdraw my ignorant comments. Humbly I offer 
an apology. 

American Woman 7/31/00 10:41 PM whatever 

Aaron 7/31/00 10:43 PM Are you not in a good mood tonight? Perhaps I 
could cheer you up. 
I could describe my canadian lifestyle, and 
the sheer misery would be enough to cheer you 
up since things are so much better where you 

American Woman 7/31/00 10:47 PM no i'm not in a bad mood i just get pissed at 
ppl that make me mad and u know what u think u 
don't have anyhtitng but look at other ppl in 
the world they have nothin!!!and we give money 
to this brazilin gurl that can't go to 
school!!or she doesn't have shoes and she 
lives in a dirk shack think of livin like that 

Aaron 7/31/00 10:49 PM I should be ashamed shouldn't I... I have so 
much, in the wonderful ice that encases me. 
That is much more ice than a brazillian girl 

American Woman 7/31/00 10:50 PM are u bein a smart ass or are u bein serious 

Aaron 7/31/00 10:52 PM I'm always serious, don't ever think 
I mean, in brazil, there's probably no ice, so 
how do you build a house? It makes me angry 

American Woman 7/31/00 10:53 PM see u have to think of other ppl when u say i 
don't have anything 

Aaron 7/31/00 10:54 PM I speak quickly, and unthinkingly. There lies 
my error. 

American Woman 7/31/00 10:54 PM yea i guess so! 

American Woman 8/8/00 12:07 AM hey 

Aaron 8/8/00 12:07 AM Hello. We haven't talked in a while! 

American Woman 8/8/00 12:08 AM i know! 

Aaron 8/8/00 12:08 AM Have you missed me? 

American Woman 8/8/00 12:08 AM i dunno did u miss me 

Aaron 8/8/00 12:09 AM As deeply as the cold waters I'm fishing in. 

American Woman 8/8/00 12:10 AM ok 

Aaron 8/8/00 12:10 AM So did you miss me then? 

American Woman 8/8/00 12:11 AM i dunno 

Aaron 8/8/00 12:12 AM Come on, I'm hip, I'm exciting. I know canada 
might seem kind of boring, but that's because 
hockey season is over. 

American Woman 8/8/00 12:13 AM i know but i dunno if i missed u 

Aaron 8/8/00 12:13 AM Why not? 

American Woman 8/8/00 12:13 AM i dunnno 

Aaron 8/8/00 12:14 AM Stop hurting me! 

American Woman 8/8/00 12:14 AM i'm not tryin 

Aaron 8/8/00 12:15 AM Well, just keep it a secret if you didn't miss 
Is there another man? 

American Woman 8/8/00 12:16 AM no u never was my man 

American Woman 8/8/00 12:16 AM and u never will 

Aaron 8/8/00 12:16 AM How can you know that?! 

American Woman 8/8/00 12:16 AM i know!!!!! 

Aaron 8/8/00 12:17 AM But... I could give you anything... all of 
Canada if you wanted. 

American Woman 8/8/00 12:17 AM why u like me as a gurlfriend 

Aaron 8/8/00 12:20 AM You represent to me, all the strength and 
brilliance that America is and always has 
been. By uniting this power with Canada's 
heritage and traditions, embodied by myself, I 
intend to create the utopian society I have 
seen only in my dreams. 

American Woman 8/8/00 12:21 AM oic 

Aaron 8/8/00 12:21 AM Excellent. I knew you'd understand the 

American Woman 8/8/00 12:22 AM that doesn't mean i feel the same way 

Aaron 8/8/00 12:22 AM In regards to my dream of a utopian society? 

American Woman 8/8/00 12:23 AM i don't even know what ur talkin about 

Aaron 8/8/00 12:24 AM I'm disapointed. Time however will show you 
the way. 

American Woman 8/8/00 12:25 AM whatever 

Aaron 8/8/00 12:26 AM What can I do to make you happy? I 
desperately wish to know. Help me help you! 

American Woman 8/8/00 12:27 AM u don't need to help me i don't need help 

Aaron 8/8/00 12:28 AM I know, you're absolutely perfect. However, I 
wish you to be fond of me. How can I win your 
affection even "as just friends?" 

American Woman 8/8/00 12:29 AM i like u as a friend, nothin else though 

Aaron 8/8/00 12:30 AM So you do like me though right? I sensed a 
bitter anger, perhaps I jumped to conclusions 

American Woman 8/8/00 12:31 AM yea u tend to do that!! but yea i like u as a 

Aaron 8/8/00 12:33 AM Thank you so much. I was ready to wander 
aimlessly into my country's freezing 
wastelands with no other wish than for a quick 
death. Now I feel much better. 

American Woman 8/8/00 12:33 AM ok thats good 

American Woman 8/11/00 9:42 PM hey wasup 

Aaron 8/11/00 9:44 PM Not much. 
What are you up to, or what have you been up 

American Woman 8/11/00 9:44 PM notta!!u? 

Aaron 8/11/00 9:46 PM I haven't been up to anything, but that's 
because my legs are frozen, imobilizing me. 
What's your excuse, I mean, you must have done 
something today, right? 

American Woman 8/11/00 9:48 PM yea i went to my friends house and then came 
home and cleaned and played volleyball and 
talked on the phone 

Aaron 8/11/00 9:51 PM A phone? 
What's that like? 

American Woman 8/11/00 9:51 PM i dunno u dial a number and it rings at 
someone else and u talk to them i dunno 

Aaron 8/11/00 9:53 PM That sounds right. Do you actually hear their 
voice? Have you ever been electricuted by a 

American Woman 8/11/00 9:53 PM yea u can hear them when u call them and no i 
have never been elictricuted 

Aaron 8/11/00 9:54 PM Do you know anyone who has been? I heard that 
one in every ten phones kills someone. 

American Woman 8/11/00 9:57 PM no ur wrong u don't know alot about phones and 
no i don't know anyone who has 

Aaron 8/11/00 9:58 PM I guess not. I've only seen pictures of them. 
Maybe I'm thinking of tazers. 

American Woman 8/11/00 9:58 PM of what?do u have a arm 

Aaron 8/11/00 10:00 PM Why, why is that your business? 
Why do you want to know if I have an arm? 

This alarmed me because I had been talking to another "random" user and I casually mentioned how my arm had been severed off by the fridge. I thought nothing of it at the time, but at this point, asking this user, I found that although the two were friends, she luckily did not wish to tell American Woman anything else I'd revealed, nor should I about her. The other girl knew I was a joker, though I suspect she told her friend in a way that made Am' Woman believe her. (I'm discontinuing my chatting with the other girl now.) This all works out though, with a bit of distraction. 

American Woman 8/11/00 10:01 PM u know what u need to calm down first of all 
and my friend told me so i'm just askin!!!!so 
just chill the heel down 

American Woman 8/11/00 10:02 PM hell down 

Aaron 8/11/00 10:04 PM No, I'm sorry, I'm sensitive about my arms. 

American Woman 8/11/00 10:05 PM yea well don't be bitchy to me!!!so do u? 

Aaron 8/11/00 10:05 PM Yes I have an arm. 

American Woman 8/11/00 10:06 PM both of them 

Aaron 8/11/00 10:07 PM Yes, but I almost lost one. It's sewn back 
on, but it doesn't work very well. 

American Woman 8/11/00 10:07 PM i thought u put it in the freezer 

Aaron 8/11/00 10:09 PM The doctors did. Until the surgery was 
prepped. They had to drive me all the way to 
Toronto City. Have you ever been there? 

American Woman 8/11/00 10:09 PM nope i don't think so!! 

Aaron 8/11/00 10:11 PM Well, it's a wonderful place, with the tallest 
building in the world. The CN tower. 
Everyone there smiles all the time. Because 
they're so happy of course. 

American Woman 8/11/00 10:11 PM oh really alot of ppl here smile 

Aaron 8/11/00 10:13 PM I hear they stab eachother too though. I'd 
rather not be stabbed by a smiling person come 
to think of it. 

American Woman 8/11/00 10:14 PM u know what it is not just america u hear so 
many things about here and u don't even know 
and there is everywhere when ppl die from 
stabs also where u live it is not just here 

Aaron 8/11/00 10:15 PM No. I've never been stabbed once. 

American Woman 8/11/00 10:16 PM yea neither have i but ppl stab ppl where u 
live not just here u know!!! 

Aaron 8/11/00 10:17 PM Not here. We only stab animals for food. 

American Woman 8/11/00 10:18 PM u don't know that!!u don't take up all where u 
live u don't know alot of stuff that goes 
around there and yea we do have things happen 
here but ur little city does to 

Aaron 8/11/00 10:20 PM We don't have cities. Except for Toronto, but 
everyone there is happy. Mostly we have 
clusters of igloos where I live. If anyone 
stabbed someone else, everyone would find 

American Woman 8/11/00 10:21 PM yea but u think we have such a bad place and u 
don't even know!!!!!yea it might not be in ur 
community but in canada there is stabbns 

Aaron 8/11/00 10:22 PM I don't think you have a bad place. I like 
the idea of stabbins being socially 
acceptable. It'd be more exciting you know? 

American Woman 8/11/00 10:23 PM yea but stabbins aren't just here!!! 

Aaron 8/11/00 10:24 PM Still, I wish we had more here, like you do. 

American Woman 8/11/00 10:24 PM whatever 

Aaron 8/11/00 10:24 PM So when was the last time you stabbed someone? 

American Woman 8/11/00 10:25 PM i never did u would get arrested 

Aaron 8/11/00 10:26 PM But I didn't do it. Why me? 

American Woman 8/11/00 10:27 PM no u asked me when have i i said i never did i 
would get arrested 

Aaron 8/11/00 10:29 PM Oh, I thought you meant I would. 
Phew. So tell me more about America. 

American Woman 8/11/00 10:29 PM what do u wanna know 

Aaron 8/11/00 10:30 PM Tell me about all the ghettos and hoods.

American Woman 8/11/00 10:31 PM ask a questions about it 

Aaron 8/11/00 10:32 PM How many drive by shootings are there per day? 
(express in fractional form if needed) 

American Woman 8/11/00 10:34 PM i;m not sure 

Aaron 8/11/00 10:34 PM When was the last time you saw one? 

American Woman 8/11/00 10:36 PM there isn't stuff like that where i live in 
uhrichsville in dennison there is soicites and 
drug bust and stuff 

Aaron 8/11/00 10:37 PM Oh, does everyone there take drugs? 

American Woman 8/11/00 10:38 PM no not every one there is alot of good kids 

Aaron 8/11/00 10:39 PM But almost everyone? 

American Woman 8/11/00 10:40 PM no!!!less ppl take drugs than ppl that 
don't!!i don't take drugs i don't smoke and i 
don't drink 

Aaron 8/11/00 10:41 PM You quit for good? 

American Woman 8/11/00 10:43 PM i never tryed it!!and i never want to!! not 
all ppl even try it 

Aaron 8/11/00 10:44 PM Yes they do, I have a cousin who once went to 
the US, and he said everyone was on drugs, or 
they were trying to be. 

American Woman 8/11/00 10:45 PM shu the hell up no they don't i never tryed 
and all my friends haven't either and he 
hasn't seen everybody in america!!!u can just 
the hell up!!!u don't even know!! 

Aaron 8/11/00 10:47 PM He saw almost everybody, except for the people 
who hide in caves I think. They're all on 
drugs though. 

American Woman 8/11/00 10:48 PM no there not u ass hole not american ppl live 
in caves and u don't even know how many ppl 
there is!! he never even saw!!!!u ahve no clue 
so i would shut ur damn mouth when u don't 
know what ur talkin about 

Aaron 8/11/00 10:52 PM Sorry, maybe my cousin's wrong. He's on drugs 
a lot himself. (That's why he goes to the 
US.) He told me once he saw a five legged 
girafe. I hate it when someone pulls a fast 
one on me. It makes me feel so stupid, like 
the whole world, or a dedicated group of 
people are laughing at me on a weekly basis. 

American Woman 8/11/00 10:53 PM well its b/c u don't know what ur talkin 
about!!!!i'm sorry but u don't know alot about 

Aaron 8/11/00 10:53 PM That's why I'm trying to find stuff out from 
you. Maybe if you told me more. 

American Woman 8/11/00 10:54 PM no b/c u think u know what ur talkin about!i'm 
sorry but u get the wrong idea of america 

Aaron 8/11/00 11:00 PM Give me the right idea. I don't understand 
how people could live without ice! 

American Woman 8/11/00 11:01 PM we do have ice that we eat 

Aaron 8/11/00 11:01 PM But enough to build houses? 

American Woman 8/11/00 11:02 PM well yea when it snows!!but all we do to eat 
it is put water in a ice tray and put it in 
the frezzer and then it will freeze 

Aaron 8/11/00 11:04 PM But doesn't it melt if it's outside the 
freezer? Is the freezer big enough to live 

American Woman 8/11/00 11:05 PM no when it is cold outside it snows and like 
inside ur house u have water to drink and u 
put it in a ice tray then freeze into littke 
ice cubes 

Aaron 8/11/00 11:06 PM Big ones? You take them outside right, where 
they won't melt. 

American Woman 8/11/00 11:07 PM no u keep them in ur frezzer and u eat them 
and no they are not big 

Aaron 8/11/00 11:07 PM What's the house made of then? 

American Woman 8/11/00 11:09 PM different things brick siding wood block 

Aaron 8/11/00 11:14 PM What do you make spears from, if you use wood 
for houses. 

American Woman 8/11/00 11:15 PM what? 

Aaron 8/11/00 11:16 PM You know, spears, for hunting. Or arrows. 

American Woman 8/11/00 11:17 PM u don;t use those u use axes and chain saws 

Aaron 8/11/00 11:17 PM Wouldn't that destroy the animal's carcass and 

American Woman 8/11/00 11:19 PM well yea but i don't think they should cut 
them down b/c it kills animals and it is our 

Aaron 8/11/00 11:21 PM I guess I should use a chainsaw from now on, 
because we don't have many trees. It'll be 
harder, the animals will run away more because 
of the noise I guess. I'll make do though. 

American Woman 8/11/00 11:24 PM ok 

American Woman 8/12/00 12:43 AM who are ya talkin to? 

Aaron 8/12/00 12:44 AM I was about to go to bed, (No one really) 
Goodnight though. 

American Woman 8/12/00 12:45 AM goodnight 

Aaron 8/14/00 10:32 PM Hello, how are you this evening? 

American Woman 8/14/00 10:33 PM goood!!u? 

Aaron 8/14/00 10:33 PM Pretty normal. Why are you so good though? 
Good news? 

American Woman 8/14/00 10:34 PM cause i'm in a good mood 

Aaron 8/14/00 10:34 PM Why's that? 

American Woman 8/14/00 10:35 PM i dunno!! 

Aaron 8/14/00 10:36 PM Hmmmm... unexplained happiness eh? Sounds 
supicious. Perhaps you've contracted leprecy? 

American Woman 8/14/00 10:37 PM ur weird i'm just happy 

Aaron 8/14/00 10:37 PM One time I thought I was happy, but it turned 
out I had leprecy. 

American Woman 8/14/00 10:39 PM whats thats 

Aaron 8/14/00 10:41 PM It's a disease that makes pieces of your body 
fall off. It's treatable, but not fun to 
contract in the first place. I had it for two 

American Woman 8/14/00 10:42 PM well i don't have it i am ahppy alot alot ppl 
are and they don't get a diesese 

Aaron 8/14/00 10:42 PM Oh I know, but most people have reasons for 
being happy. I just figured you might be 

American Woman 8/14/00 10:43 PM no its not 

Aaron 8/14/00 10:43 PM Why are you happy then? 

American Woman 8/14/00 10:44 PM i dunno!!!!! 

Aaron 8/14/00 10:45 PM Good enough. Have you ever played frisbee? 

American Woman 8/14/00 10:45 PM yea 

Aaron 8/14/00 10:47 PM Really? I saw my first frisbee today. What's 
it like? 

American Woman 8/14/00 10:48 PM i don't know how to describe it 

Aaron 8/14/00 10:50 PM Use words like "aerial" and "intricate dance" 
and "gliding gracefully" or "slicing the air 
like hot butter" come on give it a shot. 

American Woman 8/14/00 10:50 PM i don't act like u 

Aaron 8/14/00 10:52 PM How am I ever supposed to know what frisbee is 
like then? I'm not rich enough to afford one. 

American Woman 8/14/00 10:52 PM well i duno how to describe it 

Aaron 8/14/00 10:53 PM It doesn't have to be a perfect description, 
remember, I've never done it before. Just 
loosely, and give the jist of it. 

American Woman 8/14/00 10:54 PM why don't u go to ur friends house or somethin 
and they probably have one 

Aaron 8/14/00 10:55 PM My nearest neighbor lives twenty kilometers 
away. Plus they can't afford one either. 

American Woman 8/14/00 10:55 PM ok nevermind 

Aaron 8/14/00 10:56 PM Oh come on, I just want a small description! 

American Woman 8/14/00 10:57 PM its comes in all sizes and it is like throwin 
a lid like on top of a container 

Aaron 8/14/00 10:58 PM Or like throwing a large rock at a sea otter? 

American Woman 8/14/00 10:59 PM id on't under stand what ur talkin about!!!! 

Aaron 8/14/00 11:00 PM Is it like hurling a stone at an animal? 

American Woman 8/14/00 11:02 PM noooooo!! 

Aaron 8/14/00 11:03 PM Oh, then how's it different? 

American Woman 8/14/00 11:03 PM i dunno!!ask tif 

Aaron 8/14/00 11:04 PM Who's tif? 

American Woman 8/14/00 11:05 PM bloom 

Aaron 8/14/00 11:07 PM Oh the friend, right, that's okay no bother, I 
think I can look frisbee up on the internet. 
Just wanted your personal opinion. 

American Woman 8/14/00 11:08 PM well i know i have one but i dunno how to 
describe it just not to u b/c u don't 

Aaron 8/14/00 11:08 PM I'm not as smart as other people? 

American Woman 8/14/00 11:09 PM u just don't have like if u lived here i could 
explain it like if u were american 

Aaron 8/14/00 11:10 PM Canadians don't understand at all do we. I 
feel ashamed. 

American Woman 8/14/00 11:11 PM well not about american stuff!! 

Aaron 8/14/00 11:12 PM But you've understood all of the canadian 
rituals so perfectly. Why can't I understand 
your side? 

American Woman 8/14/00 11:12 PM i dunno!! 

Aaron 8/14/00 11:15 PM I know, it's because I have really bad 
comprehension. I bet I misunderstand almost 
every word you say. 

American Woman 8/14/00 11:16 PM probably 

Aaron 8/14/00 11:20 PM I know, draw pictures for me, in a drawing 
program, and send me those. Like the ones in 
children's books I hear so much about. 

American Woman 8/14/00 11:20 PM i can't i don't have thats 

Aaron 8/14/00 11:22 PM It's in your start menu (in the bottom left of 
your screen) in - programs - accesories - 

American Woman 8/14/00 11:22 PM i know but i can't send it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Aaron 8/14/00 11:23 PM No, no, just open it up, and draw the picture, 
and then you save it onto you desktop, and 
right click on it and go to ICQ - send to 
user, and send it to me! 

American Woman 8/14/00 11:24 PM no i'm not very good at drawin 

Aaron 8/14/00 11:24 PM It doesn't matter, just use the circle tools 
and line tools, I just need the jist of what a 
frisbee's about. 

American Woman 8/14/00 11:25 PM noo can't u take that as an answer 

Aaron 8/14/00 11:27 PM I just want to... to understand you better, I 
thought maybe it might help. I'm sorry. 

American Woman 8/14/00 11:27 PM me better!!ur talkin about a friesbee 

Aaron 8/14/00 11:29 PM You can draw other pictures too, like what 
america's really like, so I don't think it's 
full of drugs. Draw a rainbow over the 
ghettos to make the agony and brutal pain 
disapear. Turn crack houses into gingerbread 
crack houses, with gum drop chimney tops. 

American Woman 8/14/00 11:30 PM no ur gettin on my nerves but why do u think 
so bad about americans most ppl don't take 

Aaron 8/14/00 11:31 PM I know! You told me, you should show me 
though. Nevermind then, I'm sorry I bothered 

American Woman 8/14/00 11:32 PM u can talk to me but don't ask me things i 
don't wan to do!! 

Aaron 8/14/00 11:34 PM ok. 

American Woman 8/14/00 11:35 PM ok 

American Woman 10/12/00 8:54 PM hey i haven't talked to u in awhile 

Aaron 10/12/00 8:55 PM I haven't talked to you in a while either. I 
miss you. 

American Woman 10/12/00 8:58 PM really cool well i would talk to ya but i 
gotta go C YA* 

Aaron 10/12/00 8:59 PM Farewell dear american girl. 

American Woman 11/6/00 4:39 PM hey i haven't talked to u in awhile 

Aaron 11/6/00 4:40 PM haven'tchu? 

American Woman 11/6/00 4:40 PM no i haven't 

Aaron 11/6/00 4:41 PM I haven't either. 

American Woman 11/6/00 4:41 PM i know 

Aaron 11/6/00 4:44 PM me too. what do you want to talk about? 

American Woman 11/6/00 4:45 PM anything 

Aaron 11/6/00 4:46 PM Pumpkins? 

American Woman 11/6/00 4:47 PM ok 

Aaron 11/6/00 4:50 PM I like pumpkins. Not jack-o-lanterns though. 
Are there pumpkins in America where you live? 

American Woman 11/6/00 4:50 PM yes their are 

Aaron 11/6/00 4:57 PM Really? No... you're joshing me aren't you. 
You carazy Americans have such a wacky sense 
of humour. 

American Woman 11/6/00 4:58 PM no for real we have pumpkins we put them out 
on halloween they are orange and round and u 
can eat the seeds if u cook them 

Aaron 11/6/00 4:59 PM Why wouldn't you plant the seeds to make a 
pumpkin tree? 

American Woman 11/6/00 5:00 PM a pumpkin tree in america they grow from the 
ground pumpkins would be to heavy to make a 

Aaron 11/6/00 5:01 PM What about helium filled pumpkins? 

American Woman 11/6/00 5:01 PM what 

American Woman 11/6/00 5:02 PM u put helium in balloons 

Aaron 11/6/00 5:03 PM That makes them float, right? So why not put 
it in pumpkins, so they can grow on trees? 

American Woman 11/6/00 5:05 PM because u can't put helium in seeds when u put 
them in the ground and by the way i know why 
ur asking me these stupid questions,to get on 
my nerves my friend told me u told her that u 
try to get on my nerves 

Aaron 11/6/00 5:08 PM Are you trying to hurt me or something? I was 
nothing but polite. I'm a curious person, and 
I don't know why you hate me for that. How 
would your friend know me, or my reasons for 
talking to you. I talk to you because I 
really like you. Stop being mean to me. 

American Woman 11/6/00 5:10 PM i'm not being mean to u this girl thay told me 
is on ur list i told her to add u i wasn't 
trying to me mean or anything but thats what 
she told me u said 

American Woman 11/6/00 5:14 PM hello!are u there 

Aaron 11/6/00 5:14 PM I'm offended. Next you'll tell me I'm a 
drug-lord. I'm not a drug lord you know. I 
don't do drugs. 
You never believe me. I don't do drugs 

American Woman 11/6/00 5:16 PM have i ever said that no u are the one sayin 
all americans take drugs and stuff,i never 
stabed anyone or did drugs neither do alot of 
ppl and that was my best friend that told me 
that too so what do u expect me to belive!!i 
didn't try to offend u 

Aaron 11/6/00 5:18 PM Lets just stop fighting. I hate fighting. 
Why can't we just be friends? I don't want 
anything more than a friendship. I need to 
stop taking drugs. Too many drugs. I don't 
do drugs. I've never done drugs. 

American Woman 11/6/00 5:19 PM me neither and i never said u did and neither 
do alot of americans u might think that 
because of what u see in newspapers and stuff 
like that but u cannot judge every single 

Aaron 11/6/00 5:21 PM I'm Canadian, not American. 

American Woman 11/6/00 5:22 PM i know that and what do u mean by that 

Aaron 11/6/00 5:26 PM I thought you meant I was an American Judge. 
I'm not. 

American Woman 11/6/00 5:28 PM i didn't say that i said u shouldn't judge 
americans!!do u even know what that means? 

Aaron 11/6/00 5:31 PM I'm not very smart ok. You're making that 
clear to me. I'm stupid! 

American Woman 11/6/00 5:32 PM i wasn't trying to make u look stupid i'm 
trying to make u understand things do u know 
what it means u take things way out of 

Aaron 11/6/00 5:38 PM Stop using big words like "pro-portion" 
Who even talks like that? 

American Woman 11/11/00 4:10 PM hey 

Aaron 11/11/00 4:11 PM Smello. 

American Woman 11/11/00 4:11 PM what? 

Aaron 11/11/00 4:13 PM Hello. 

American Woman 11/11/00 4:13 PM hi 

Aaron 11/11/00 4:14 PM Smi. 

American Woman 11/11/00 4:15 PM what? 

American Woman   23/12/00 11:23 PM hey 

Aaron      23/12/00 11:25 PM Hey!  How are you, is it almost Christ's 
                                  birth-day in America? 

American Woman   23/12/00 11:43 PM yup 

Aaron      23/12/00 11:44 PM What cultural significance does this bear upon 

American Woman   23/12/00 11:44 PM huh? 

Aaron      23/12/00 11:45 PM Do you get shiny boxes? 

Aaron      23/12/00 11:45 PM Under a shiny tree? 

American Woman   23/12/00 11:45 PM like presents 

American Woman   23/12/00 11:45 PM yea 

Aaron      23/12/00 11:47 PM Yeah, like presents.   You do?  Cool.  We 
                                  carve a tree out of some ice, but it's more 
                                  like a pole than a tree.  We put all the dead 
                                  seals we got eachother next to it. 

American Woman   23/12/00 11:47 PM oic 

Aaron      23/12/00 11:49 PM You also get eachother dead seals? 

American Woman   23/12/00 11:54 PM nope!we buy stuff from stores and wrap them in 
                                  wrapping paper and we open them 

Aaron      23/12/00 11:56 PM Stop, stop, stop... woah.  Why would you wrap 
                                  them, and then proceed to unwrap them?  I am 
                                  laughing quite heartily.  My bellows can be 
                                  heard quite heartily throughout the igloo. 

American Woman   23/12/00 11:57 PM ok u wrap thme up and u put them under the 
                                  tree then u open them on christmas day and 
                                  they wrap them so it will be a surprise!! 

Aaron      23/12/00 11:58 PM However, you purchased them yourself, how 
                                  could you NOT know what they were.  You are 
                                  silly.  Americans are silly. 

American Woman   23/12/00 11:58 PM no somebody gets the present for u!!!u don't 
                                  get ur own u get other ppl stuff 

Aaron      24/12/00 12:00 AM Well, how do you know you'll get what you 
                                  Do you only purchase drugs for eachother? 
                                  American drugs? 

American Woman   24/12/00 12:01 AM shutup right there i do not take drugs and 
                                  neither do alot of ppl in america just b/c u 
                                  hear things and see things in the newspapers 
                                  doesn't mean its true!!! 

American Woman   24/12/00 12:02 AM drugs are illegal here unless u have to take 
                                  them if u are sick with cancer or something 

Aaron      24/12/00 12:03 AM I heard a Santa in Pittsburgh beat up two kids 
                                  and put them in garbage cans and rolled them 
                                  down a hill.  He was drug-crazed, and he 
                                  didn't have any cancer at all.  Except for 
                                  brain cancer. 

American Woman   24/12/00 12:04 AM well that does not mean everybody in america 
                                  do that stuff!!!!that guy was just messed up 
                                  in the head and i told u don't listen to 
                                  eveything u hear 

American Woman   24/12/00 12:06 AM u would not like it if i said bad stuff about 
                                  where u live would u!!! 

Aaron      24/12/00 12:07 AM I know that most people in America are normal. 
                                   Did you know that the ratios of blood-crazed 
                                  santas to normal people are the very highest 
                                  in Thailand?  USA comes in second with 2 for 
                                  every 171 normal people. 

American Woman   24/12/00 12:08 AM nobodys normal ne thing might be normal to 
                                  someone and not to someone else 

Aaron      24/12/00 12:09 AM Like einstein's theory of relativity!! 

American Woman   09/01/01 6:28 PM  hey 

Aaron      09/01/01 6:30 PM  hey!!  How's it going dude? 

American Woman   09/01/01 6:35 PM  nothin much here 

Aaron      09/01/01 6:35 PM  RADICAL!! 

American Woman   09/01/01 6:37 PM  why is that radical 

Aaron      09/01/01 6:39 PM  I don't know.  What's radical about anything? 
                                  Let's just end it all! 

American Woman   09/01/01 6:40 PM  radical means cool but we don't say that 

Aaron      09/01/01 6:40 PM  Really?  What's the word now? 

American Woman   09/01/01 6:41 PM  nope 

Aaron      09/01/01 6:41 PM  What then? 

American Woman   09/01/01 6:41 PM  there is too many 

Aaron      09/01/01 6:42 PM  Which one can I use?! 

American Woman   09/01/01 6:43 PM  i dunno 

Aaron      09/01/01 6:44 PM  Well, that's radical then. 
                                  How's America?  I heard that George Bush 
                                  cheated, and voted a hundred extra times so he 
                                  could win, and my friend saw him. 

American Woman   09/01/01 6:45 PM  no that a lie 

Aaron      09/01/01 6:47 PM  What, that George Bush won?  I was sure he 
                                  did.  What happened with that whole 
                                  presidential thing, anyway? 

American Woman   09/01/01 6:48 PM  yea he won but he didn't cheat 

Aaron      09/01/01 6:50 PM  How do you know? 
                                  What's your scoop? 

American Woman   09/01/01 6:51 PM  ok if he did that he wouoldn't be a pres right 

Aaron      09/01/01 6:52 PM  What if no-one but my friend knew? Huh? 
                                  You're just defending your country because you 
                                  think it's sooo great. 

American Woman   09/01/01 6:54 PM  i never said that!!!!!!i swear u put words in 
                                  my mouth when u ahve no idea what i'm thinking 

Aaron      09/01/01 6:55 PM  You need to open up and talk to me more then. 
                                  I need to know what you're feeling inside. 
                                  You should write each note as long as you can, 
                                  in order for me to understand. 

American Woman   09/01/01 6:56 PM  well see u don't and thats why i get mad when 
                                  u say crap like that because u have no 

Aaron      09/01/01 6:59 PM  Do you know what I'm talking about when I ask 
                                  you to write more though? 

American Woman   09/01/01 9:06 PM  yes but every time i do u have some way to put 
                                  it down or my country i never put ur country 

American Woman   09/01/01 9:08 PM  did u get the last message before i got off 
                                  the last time 

Aaron      09/01/01 9:09 PM  I'll stop.  I just feel bad about the state of 
                                  canada now, with al the refugees and the 
                                  situation with the hostages in Alberta.  I 
                                  feel angry and resentful that you have it so 
                                  good over there. 

American Woman   09/01/01 9:10 PM  its not perfect anywhere 

Aaron      09/01/01 9:11 PM  Especially not here. 

American Woman   09/01/01 9:13 PM  its not perfect here either but please don't 
                                  think that are country is bad just b/c u hear 
                                  things its not all true yea we do have alot of 
                                  killings here and everything but like not 
                                  everybody takes drugs and kills ppl alot of 
                                  america does not do that stuff 

Aaron      09/01/01 9:15 PM  I didn't say that this time.  I've learned 
                                  that already. 
                                  I'm saying my country is bad with the bloody 
                                  tribal wars going on all over the western 
                                  provinces.  When will the killing stop? 

American Woman   09/01/01 9:15 PM  it will go on for a long time 

Aaron      09/01/01 9:21 PM  I know.  But why will the War Chiefs not 
                                  listen to the declaration of sanitation?  Why? 

Aaron      16/01/01 5:02 PM  Word up G.  (Greetings American style.) 

American Woman   16/01/01 5:02 PM  ok some ppl say that!! 

American Woman   16/01/01 5:02 PM  just say wasup 

Aaron      16/01/01 5:03 PM  Like your American alcohol comercials, right? 
                                  Am I supposed to keep saying it for thirty 

American Woman   16/01/01 5:04 PM  haha yea but the wasup word was out before 
                                  that commercial 

Aaron      16/01/01 5:05 PM  You mean they stole it from you?  I remember 
                                  you saying that a long time ago too.  Is this 
                                  when American people sue each other? 

American Woman   16/01/01 5:06 PM  yea but i didn't make the word up somebody 
                                  else did along time ago 

Aaron      16/01/01 5:11 PM  Are they dead yet?  You should get them to 
                                  sue.  Anyway, what's up over there? 

American Woman   16/01/01 5:11 PM  to sue who 

Aaron      16/01/01 5:13 PM  The alcoholic beverage distribution ring of 

                                  On another note, at what age did you first 
                                  learn to speak?  I'm curious... I only learned 
                                  three years ago, and a few people find that 

American Woman   16/01/01 5:14 PM  umm. i talked before i was 1 yrs old 

Aaron      16/01/01 5:16 PM  Really?  Intelligent discourse, or mildly 
                                  biting reparte? 

American Woman   16/01/01 5:16 PM  just little words 

Aaron      16/01/01 5:20 PM  What mathematical notations could you write 
                                  in?  Reverse Polish, or perhaps Hungarian 

American Woman   16/01/01 5:20 PM  huh? 

Aaron      16/01/01 5:22 PM  You know... reverse polish notation?  When did 
                                  you learn it? 

American Woman   16/01/01 5:26 PM  i don't know what that is 

Aaron      16/01/01 5:41 PM  That's okay, most people don't.  But then, 
                                  you're not most people.  I find something 
                                  truly special and unique in you. 

American Woman   16/01/01 6:06 PM  ok thtas not unique!!just b/c i odn't know 

Aaron      16/01/01 6:06 PM  But in other ways, you really are special. 

American Woman   16/01/01 6:07 PM  thanx!!why would u say that 

Aaron      16/01/01 6:08 PM  I was just thinking about how much I wanted a 

American Woman   16/01/01 6:09 PM  why 

Aaron      16/01/01 6:10 PM  I don't know.  I mean, why ARE we here?  Is 
                                  there a meaning to life?  If there was, would 
                                  it be the same for everyone or were we put 
                                  here, each with a specific purpose? 
                                  How do sledgehammers work? 

American Woman   16/01/01 6:12 PM  just like a hammer i think 

Aaron      16/01/01 6:12 PM  Yes, but the deeper question is how does a 
                                  hammer work? 

American Woman   16/01/01 6:13 PM  i don't know how to explain it 

Aaron      16/01/01 6:14 PM  Maybe that's why the universe is so hard to 

American Woman   16/01/01 6:14 PM  its hard to explain how to describe it 

Aaron      16/01/01 6:15 PM  Just like the universe.  I know the feeling 

American Woman   16/01/01 6:15 PM  lol 

Aaron      16/01/01 6:16 PM  What? What did you say? 

American Woman   16/01/01 6:16 PM  lol 

Aaron      16/01/01 6:18 PM  What?  Explain yourself? 

American Woman   16/01/01 6:18 PM  never mind!!it means laugh out loud!! 

Aaron      16/01/01 6:19 PM  Why would you do that?  I can't hear you. 

American Woman   16/01/01 6:20 PM  nevermind its jsut teling u i'm laugii=n out 
                                  loud  if u could hear me why would i put that 
                                  anyway cuz u would hear me laugh 

Aaron      16/01/01 6:20 PM  That's quite profound.  I must ponder. 

American Woman   16/01/01 6:20 PM  what does ponder mean 

Aaron      16/01/01 6:21 PM  It sounds like wander, but with a p. 

American Woman   16/01/01 6:22 PM  why are u goin to wander 

Aaron      16/01/01 6:24 PM  Yes, just like that, but with a P.  A P! 

American Woman   16/01/01 6:24 PM  bu why are u wanderin 

Aaron      16/01/01 6:27 PM  Sigh... because I come from a nomadic people, 
                                  and the tribes of Canada never stay in a 
                                  single place for more than a month. 

American Woman   16/01/01 9:17 PM  oic 

American Woman   20/01/01 10:12 PM hey 

Aaron      20/01/01 10:13 PM Transnational greetings. 

American Woman   20/01/01 10:13 PM hey 

Aaron      20/01/01 10:15 PM Polysyllabic hello! 

American Woman   20/01/01 10:16 PM whats that mean 

Aaron      20/01/01 10:18 PM Hey. 

American Woman   20/01/01 10:20 PM hey 

Aaron      20/01/01 10:21 PM hey 

American Woman   20/01/01 10:22 PM wasup 

Aaron      20/01/01 10:24 PM yeah 

American Woman   20/01/01 10:24 PM yea 

American Woman   20/01/01 10:24 PM wasup means what goin on 

Aaron      20/01/01 10:26 PM Reeally? 

American Woman   20/01/01 10:26 PM yea 

Aaron      20/01/01 10:28 PM What else can you teach me? 

American Woman   20/01/01 10:28 PM umm ask 

Aaron      20/01/01 10:31 PM Does everyone in America go to school?  How 
                                  smart are they? 

American Woman   20/01/01 10:32 PM mostly everybody well it depends on how old u 

Aaron      20/01/01 10:34 PM I'm 18.  So how many people in America go now? 

American Woman   20/01/01 10:35 PM i dunno 

Aaron      20/01/01 10:36 PM What grade are you in? 

American Woman   20/01/01 10:37 PM i'm only 13 

Aaron      20/01/01 10:37 PM I thought you were 13 last year.  Did you 
                                  forget to add one? 

American Woman   20/01/01 10:38 PM no i'm 13 

Aaron      20/01/01 10:39 PM Are you sure.  Double check.  So you don't go 
                                  to school when you're 13? 

American Woman   20/01/01 10:40 PM yea i went to school since i was 4!!!i will 
                                  graduate highschool in 6 yrs then i will go to 

Aaron      20/01/01 10:40 PM I thought highschool only took 4 years. 

American Woman   20/01/01 10:41 PM yea but i'm in middle school right now 

Aaron      20/01/01 10:56 PM I'm in ...  middle school too.  American 
                                  middle school.  It's a really good one.  I 
                                  have to go to america to go there, but it's a 
                                  top quality institution. 

American Woman   20/01/01 10:57 PM oic 

Aaron      20/01/01 11:01 PM It's better than your school.  It's so good. 

American Woman   20/01/01 11:01 PM u wouldn't know if it was!!!!u never been to 
                                  my school 

Aaron      20/01/01 11:02 PM So!!  I just know.  It's twice as American as 
                                  your school.  Eat that! 

American Woman   20/01/01 11:03 PM well u wouldn't know!!so shove that up ur 
                                  ass!!!u ahve no idea!!!!!! 

Aaron      20/01/01 11:05 PM I have lots of ideas!  Don't worry about it 
                                  though, baby.  Let's just relax, calm down and 
                                  be friends again.  As long as you understand 
                                  that this argument was all your fault. 

American Woman   20/01/01 11:06 PM ok now ur jsut being a dick!!!!!!!!u have no 
                                  idea about america!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so don't talk 
                                  to me b/c u are an asshole!! 

Aaron      20/01/01 11:07 PM Listen baby, I just wanna make up.  Please 
                                  baby, I'm down on my knees baby.  I'm begging. 
                                   You don't like seeing me beg do you? 

American Woman   20/01/01 11:08 PM i can't see u know can i 

Aaron      20/01/01 11:09 PM Just imagine it baby.  I'd kill for you baby. 
                                  Do you want me to kill?  I'll do it if you say 

American Woman   20/01/01 11:11 PM don't kill 

Aaron      20/01/01 11:13 PM Why not baby, wouldn't it make you happy? 

American Woman   20/01/01 11:13 PM nope i would never kill anybody!! 

American Woman   20/01/01 11:14 PM u know what u have had that info 4ever 

Aaron      20/01/01 11:15 PM You READ it?  Really?  Did you have any new 
                                  insights into my character? 

American Woman   20/01/01 11:15 PM what 

Aaron      20/01/01 11:17 PM Well anyway.  I wasn't talking about you 
                                  killing, I wanted to kill someone for your 
                                  honour.  You know, like carve your name into 
                                  their body or something romantic, like our 
                                  intials in blood. 

American Woman   20/01/01 11:18 PM no i wouldn't want to be honored in killing 
                                  somebody thats horrible to kill someone1 

Aaron      20/01/01 11:21 PM Oh come on.  We do it all the time over here 
                                  during our ritual sacrifice month.  It 
                                  wouldn't even be much extra hassle.  Just let 
                                  me.  You know it'd be cool... 

American Woman   20/01/01 11:22 PM no it wouldn't!!how could u live with urself 
                                  if u killed someone i wouldn't be able to live 
                                  with myself!! 

American Woman   20/01/01 11:23 PM ok ur scarin me and my boyfriend said hes goin 
                                  to kick ur ass!! 

Aaron      20/01/01 11:26 PM Why?  What did I do to your boyfriend.  If 
                                  he's your friend, he's my friend.  Hello 
                                  friend?   Besides, he knows that we're 
                                  betrothed, right? 

American Woman   20/01/01 11:49 PM umm cuz ur freakin me out!! 

Aaron      20/01/01 11:50 PM Just because I'm Canadian.  Are you racist? 

American Woman   20/01/01 11:50 PM nope not at all i'm just sayin u shouldn't 
                                  kill anybody!! 

Aaron      20/01/01 11:51 PM Not kill, really.  More like violently 
                                  sacrifice them to appease the gods. 

American Woman   20/01/01 11:51 PM u shouldn't do that to anybody 

Aaron      20/01/01 11:54 PM Why are you trying to change my culture?  It' 
                                  really offending me.  Anyway, racist, what's 
                                  your boyfriend like?  Does he have teeth? 

American Woman   20/01/01 11:55 PM i'm not 
                                  yea he has teeth!! 

Aaron      20/01/01 11:59 PM Oh.  I find myself dizzy with waves of a 
                                  feeling most identify as jealousy.  The rage 
                                  is building within me. 
                                  You remember that we are betrothed, correct? 
                                  You may continue to see this boy, as long as 
                                  you know it must eventually end. 
                                  Tell me more of this "boyf" 

American Woman   21/01/01 12:24 PM ok my boyfriend has brown hair brown eyes he 
                                  is tall and i dunno ask about him 

Aaron      22/01/01 6:23 PM  What is his American penis like?  Describe it. 

American Woman   24/01/01 10:29 PM hey what do u want to know about my b/f 

Aaron      24/01/01 10:31 PM Does he ever take off his clothes?  Suppose it 
                                  was really too hot.  Would he? 

American Woman   24/01/01 10:32 PM just his shirt not his whole thing like not 
                                  hes pants or anything 

Aaron      24/01/01 10:33 PM You mean he's never taken his pants off? 

American Woman   25/01/01 3:57 PM  not in front of me!! 

American Woman   25/01/01 11:05 PM hey what else do u want to know about him 

Aaron      25/01/01 11:05 PM I'm not interested now.  You missed your 

American Woman   25/01/01 11:06 PM interested in what 

American Woman   25/01/01 11:09 PM what do u mean ur not interested 

Aaron      25/01/01 11:10 PM I'm not.  You weren't fast enough. 

American Woman   25/01/01 11:10 PM what are u not interested in? 

Aaron      25/01/01 11:11 PM Your boyfriend.  I don't think he's very 
                                  tough, he's probably all talk, and I doubt 
                                  he's half as cool as me. 

American Woman   25/01/01 11:12 PM just b/c he doesn't take his pants off!! 

Aaron      25/01/01 11:14 PM Yes.  But no, not just because of that.  It's 
                                  really a lot of complex things, which I don't 
                                  care to go into.  One being that he's 
                                  unattractive.  Two, that I'm rather hungry. 
                                  Three, you didn't really convince me of your 
                                  true feelings for him. 

American Woman   25/01/01 11:15 PM umm but see u never asked anyhting like that u 
                                  just asked 2 questions which i answered 

Aaron      25/01/01 11:18 PM I'd rather have a long string of conciousness 
                                  than a few measly words.  Just blab.  Pretend 
                                  I'm a girlfriend if that does it for you. 

American Woman   02/02/01 10:47 PM hey i'm not goin with  my b/f anymore 

Aaron      02/02/01 10:47 PM Really?  You finally saw him without pants 

American Woman   02/02/01 10:48 PM i never saw him without pants but were not 
                                  goin out anymore 

Aaron      02/02/01 10:50 PM Oh... didn't work out, did it.  It's hard to 
                                  occupy one's mind with others, while that 
                                  single true love sits huddled shivering in 
                                  another country, in another igloo. 

American Woman   02/02/01 10:50 PM oic 

American Woman   03/02/01 12:02 AM hey 

American Woman   03/02/01 12:11 AM hey 

Aaron      03/02/01 12:12 AM Hey. 

American Woman   03/02/01 12:12 AM wasup 

Aaron      03/02/01 12:13 AM Yeah. 

American Woman   03/02/01 12:14 AM i said wasup 

Aaron      03/02/01 12:15 AM Really? 

American Woman   03/02/01 12:16 AM yea 

Aaron      03/02/01 12:16 AM No. 

American Woman   03/02/01 12:16 AM ur actin weird 

Aaron      03/02/01 12:17 AM I'm just not in the mood for phonetic 
                                  vocabulary, and beer comercial diction. 

American Woman   03/02/01 12:18 AM oic u can talk about something other than that 

Aaron      03/02/01 12:22 AM I was pretty sure I could, but thanks for the 

American Woman   03/02/01 12:23 AM yup no prob 

Aaron      03/02/01 12:24 AM Have you ever read any books?  I love books, I 
                                  wish everyone read books. 

American Woman   03/02/01 12:24 AM we have to read books in school!! 

Aaron      03/02/01 12:25 AM You've never done it volountarily? 

American Woman   03/02/01 12:26 AM yea all the time! 

Aaron      03/02/01 12:26 AM Like what kinds?  What books have you read by 
                                  choice.  Volountarily means you wanted to. 

American Woman   03/02/01 12:27 AM i know what it means umm i like scary books 

Aaron      03/02/01 12:28 AM You mean the covers?  Which ones have you 
                                  opened, and read all the way through? 

American Woman   03/02/01 12:28 AM scary ones like murder stories and scary ones 

Aaron      03/02/01 12:29 AM Like goosebumps, or Charlie Brown, and the 
                                  great Jack O' Lantern? 

American Woman   03/02/01 12:30 AM no!!! 

Aaron      03/02/01 12:31 AM Babysitters club hallowe'en specials? 

American Woman   03/02/01 12:32 AM nope!!those are stupid how old do u think i 

Aaron      03/02/01 12:33 AM I don't know, how old do you think you are? 
                                  What books then? 

American Woman   03/02/01 12:34 AM like the r.l stine ones but like no the 
                                  goosebumps one 

Aaron      03/02/01 12:36 AM Wait...  okay, wait...  not goosebumps, right, 
                                  they're too young.   You read the R. L Stine 
                                  Ones though? 

American Woman   03/02/01 12:37 AM like the older ones like his murder ones 

Aaron      03/02/01 12:40 AM Wow.  That's some heavy stuff there.  I'd be 
                                  too afraid to read them.  One time I tried a 
                                  couple months ago, and I kept seeing the 
                                  boogie monster lurking within the darkness of 
                                  my igloo closet. 

American Woman   03/02/01 12:40 AM haha real funny!! 

Aaron      03/02/01 12:41 AM What the hell is your problem?!  I try to be 
                                  honest, and tell you really personal things. 
                                  You MAKE FUN.  I'm not laughing, I'm crying, 
                                  you... you... jerk. 

American Woman   03/02/01 12:42 AM i thought u were being sarcastic!!sorry!!geez 
                                  ur sensitive 

Aaron      03/02/01 12:42 AM No, you're just INSENSITIVE.   Learn something 
                                  about CARING, and then try talking to me. 

American Woman   03/02/01 12:43 AM i know what caring is!!like i know ur 
                                  sensitive till now!!u need to learn everybody 
                                  doesn't know how u are and u need to except 

Aaron      03/02/01 12:45 AM NEVER!!  Everyone else seems to know how I am. 
                                   If I'm going to marry you, you'd better start 
                                  figuring me out lady. 

American Woman   03/02/01 12:45 AM well not everybody knows u that well!! 

Aaron      03/02/01 12:46 AM Well, YOU should. 

American Woman   03/02/01 12:47 AM well maybe i don'! 

American Woman   03/02/01 10:29 PM hey 

Aaron      03/02/01 10:30 PM HEY!! 

American Woman   03/02/01 10:30 PM whats goin on 

Aaron      03/02/01 10:32 PM I'm making a bouquet of flowers to mail to 

American Woman   03/02/01 10:33 PM oic thats cool 

Aaron      03/02/01 10:34 PM I bludgeoned two seals today, and I'm putting 
                                  the flowers in one of their skulls.  I think 
                                  it looks romantic.  You're going to love it. 

American Woman   03/02/01 10:36 PM ok!why did u kill seals 

Aaron      03/02/01 10:38 PM Because they deserved to die.  Plus I was 

American Woman   03/02/01 10:39 PM i don't want to get in a fight with u but what 
                                  did they fo to u to die 

Aaron      03/02/01 10:44 PM They were making seal noises outside my igloo. 
                                   Really cute ones, and louder ones, and they 
                                  were flopping around. 

American Woman   03/02/01 10:44 PM oic well i don't think they were tryin to get 
                                  on ur nerves 

Aaron      03/02/01 10:46 PM I know.  I didn't say they were.  They didn't 
                                  even really bother me at all, I even thought 
                                  it was kind of cute.  So I smashed their heads 
                                  open and broke their bodies with a steel pipe. 

American Woman   03/02/01 10:47 PM thats mean 

Aaron      03/02/01 10:56 PM Why?  They were going to die any way.  I mean, 
                                  if I didn't smash their heads in with a pipe, 
                                  I probably would have slit their throats, or 
                                  harpooned them to a wall. 

Aaron      16/02/01 11:54 PM I just bashed in a baby seal's head, and shot 
                                  an arrow through an arctic bunny rabbit. 

American Woman   16/02/01 11:55 PM thats cruel 

Aaron      16/02/01 11:55 PM No, it was fun, not cruel. 

American Woman   16/02/01 11:56 PM ok 

Aaron      16/02/01 11:57 PM ok? 

American Woman   16/02/01 11:57 PM i think it is cruel 

Aaron      16/02/01 11:59 PM But you're wrong.  One time, I threw a baby 
                                  seal off a cliff, then I kicked a penguin, and 
                                  bit off a bunch of baby penguins heads, then I 
                                  put them all in a garbage compactor. 

American Woman   17/02/01 12:00 AM don't talk to me thats so cruel to do to 
                                  animals if u did that around where i lived u 
                                  would be punished! 

Aaron      17/02/01 12:03 AM Well, if you lived where I lived, you'd be 
                                  punished for not killing animals. 

American Woman   17/02/01 12:04 AM ok thats weird!then i would be punished alot! 

Aaron      17/02/01 12:05 AM Feel guilt and shame.  You would be an 
                                  outcast.  You should come visit some time. 

American Woman   17/02/01 12:05 AM ok 

Aaron      17/02/01 12:06 AM ok? 

American Woman 20/02/01 7:14 PM  hi 

Aaron      20/02/01 7:15 PM  HI.  How are you? 

American Woman 20/02/01 7:15 PM  fine 

Aaron      20/02/01 7:15 PM  Why? 

American Woman 20/02/01 7:16 PM  cuz i am 

Aaron      20/02/01 7:17 PM  Because you're what? 

American Woman 20/02/01 7:18 PM  cuz i am fine 

American Woman 03/03/01 11:40 PM hey 

Aaron      03/03/01 11:41 PM Hello.  How are you doing? 

American Woman 03/03/01 11:42 PM good!what about u? 

Aaron      03/03/01 11:43 PM Terrible.  You? 

American Woman 03/03/01 11:43 PM good! 

Aaron      12/03/01 6:58 PM  Hi! are you on march break from your schools? 
                                  I don't go to school any more. 

American Woman 12/03/01 6:59 PM  nope 

Aaron      12/03/01 7:00 PM  Are you at school right now? 

American Woman 12/03/01 7:03 PM  how can i be in school when i'm on here 

Aaron      12/03/01 7:06 PM  You don't have computers at school?  I thought 
                                  america was rich.  Ha ha ha, you are pulling 
                                  my leg again.  Did you know that Americans 
                                  have smaller kidneys than canadians? (on 

American Woman 12/03/01 7:07 PM  umm we are not allowed to chat with ppl on the 
                                  internet at school but we have alot of 

Aaron      12/03/01 7:11 PM  Is it because you might make drug deals on the 
                                  internet?  Schools don't like drugs. 
                                  That stinks though.  You're never allowed to 
                                  chat?  At all? 
                                  What if you really needed to make a drug deal? 

American Woman 12/03/01 7:12 PM  shutup about the drug thing u have no clue 
                                  about america 

Aaron      12/03/01 7:13 PM  Give me a clue you nasty mean person.  You 
                                  made me cry. 

American Woman 12/03/01 7:13 PM  whatever!! 

Aaron      12/03/01 7:17 PM  Ok then, what do you want to talk about? 

American Woman 07/04/01 11:53 PM hey 

Aaron      07/04/01 11:53 PM Hey! 

American Woman 07/04/01 11:54 PM wasup 

Aaron      07/04/01 11:56 PM Hmmm, I got accepted to a college the other 
                                  day.  I'm going to a city, with all sorts of 
                                  permanent buildings. 

American Woman 07/04/01 11:56 PM thast cool! 

Aaron      07/04/01 11:57 PM What are you going to do with your life? 

American Woman 07/04/01 11:58 PM what do u mean what i want to be when i grow 
                                  up?or what do u mean> 

American Woman 08/04/01 12:02 AM hello? 

Aaron      08/04/01 12:11 AM Yeah, when you "grow up," of course.  What 

Aaron      25/04/01 8:24 PM  Hi, how is america going? 

American Woman 25/04/01 8:25 PM  good!what about canada 

Aaron      25/04/01 8:27 PM  good! 

American Woman 25/04/01 8:28 PM  thats good 

Aaron      25/04/01 8:30 PM  good... 

American Woman 25/04/01 8:30 PM  yea 

Aaron      25/04/01 8:32 PM  What was it that was good, again? 

American Woman 25/04/01 8:33 PM  what? 

Aaron      25/04/01 8:37 PM  Why do I always have to carry the 

American Woman  25/04/01 8:38 PM  what do u mean?start the convers 

Aaron      25/04/01 8:43 PM  No, no, I mean keep it going. 

Aaron      19/05/01 5:17 PM  Anything exciting happen in America-ville 

American Woman   19/05/01 5:19 PM  i dunno 

Aaron      19/05/01 5:19 PM  Do you read newspapers?  We make newspapers 
                                  out of trees over here. 

American Woman   19/05/01 5:20 PM  yea  i read newspapers..yea all paper is made 
                                  out of trees 

Aaron      19/05/01 5:21 PM  What are trees made of then? 

American Woman   19/05/01 5:22 PM  trees! 

Aaron      19/05/01 5:23 PM  So trees are the smallest constituent 
                                  particles that compose matter? 

Aaron      26/05/01 9:28 PM  Hi, I just bought a lightbulb today, and my 
                                  parents helped me install it.  Now it is like 
                                  daytime, all the time. 

American Woman   26/05/01 9:28 PM  thast cool 

Aaron      26/05/01 9:29 PM  warm 

American Woman   26/05/01 9:29 PM  cool doens't mean like burr cool 

Aaron      26/05/01 9:30 PM  What does it mean? 

American Woman   26/05/01 9:32 PM  like i dunno how to explain it but it is a 
                                  good thing 

Aaron      26/05/01 9:34 PM  Coldness is our enemy in canada.  That is why 
                                  igloos are built.  To shield us from the cool. 

American Woman   26/05/01 9:34 PM  but it is not that kind of cold 

Aaron      26/05/01 9:38 PM  We have 43 different words for cold.  Which 
                                  one is it. 

American Woman   26/05/01 9:39 PM  i duno 

Aaron      26/05/01 9:39 PM  Don't you know anything?! 
                                  It's so hard to talk to you. 

American Woman   26/05/01 9:40 PM  well your just so complicated how in the hell 
                                  am i supposed to know your 43 words of cold! 

Aaron      26/05/01 9:47 PM  Don't you care about me and my culture?  We 
                                  are a complicated people, we Canadians, like 
                                  for example, while others might pet a bunny 
                                  rabbit delicately, a Canadian would insert a 
                                  dremel tool into its body to liquify its 
                                  inards for easy drainage. 

Aaron   02/06/01 12:28 AM Hello, my love. 

American Woman   02/06/01 12:28 AM hey 

Aaron   02/06/01 12:29 AM How art thou, mine beauteous angel? 

American Woman   02/06/01 12:29 AM good what about u 

Aaron   02/06/01 12:29 AM I bode well, and thee? 

American Woman   02/06/01 12:29 AM thats good 

Aaron   02/06/01 12:31 AM Anything new happen in America? 

American Woman   02/06/01 12:36 AM not that i know of 

Aaron   02/06/01 12:37 AM Are we still getting married? 

American Woman   03/06/01 9:03 PM  nope i have my eyes on somebody else 

Aaron   05/06/01 10:57 PM Sweet, sweet beauty, how can you refuse my 

American Woman   05/06/01 10:57 PM lol i duno 

Aaron   05/06/01 11:08 PM Why then are we waiting, if there are no 
                                  reasons against, to be found, why not elope? 

American Woman   05/06/01 11:09 PM b/c i don't know u! 

Aaron   05/06/01 11:10 PM But don't you see?  You really do!  Better 
                                  even than my own parents.  Only you can give 
                                  me the love I need. 

American Woman   05/06/01 11:11 PM yea ok whatever 

American Woman   10/06/01 12:37 AM hey 

Aaron   10/06/01 12:38 AM hey.  you changed the coloUr of your font? 

American Woman   10/06/01 12:40 AM ok 

Aaron   10/06/01 12:42 AM you did?  I asked you a question.  a QUESTION. 
                                   you supposed to respond. 

American Woman   10/06/01 12:42 AM i did what? 

Aaron   10/06/01 12:43 AM You're supposed to say "Yes, I changed my 
                                  font" or "You must be mistaken, it's the same 
                                  as always" 

American Woman   10/06/01 12:43 AM its the same as always 

Aaron   10/06/01 12:47 AM Oh.  Have you done something with your hair 

American Woman   10/06/01 12:47 AM no 

American Woman   11/06/01 11:40 PM hey 

Aaron   11/06/01 11:43 PM Hey. 

American Woman   11/06/01 11:43 PM wasup moon69 

Aaron   11/06/01 11:45 PM What in HADES did you say? 

American Woman   11/06/01 11:47 PM hey moons wasup 69 

Aaron   11/06/01 11:48 PM You are scaring me greatly.  In Canada, we use 
                                  language to communicate.  This aids us in 
                                  sharing "thoughts."  How, and precisely why do 
                                  you talk? 

American Woman   11/06/01 11:50 PM twat 

Aaron   11/06/01 11:50 PM What?! 

American Woman   11/06/01 11:52 PM twat 

Aaron   11/06/01 11:54 PM Sphincter say twat? 

American Woman   11/06/01 11:55 PM well cymore buttss said twat 

Aaron   11/06/01 11:55 PM Are you on drugs... I mean more than usual? 

American Woman   11/06/01 11:57 PM umm no 

Aaron   11/06/01 11:58 PM Umm... you shut up.  I'm tired of your phony 
                                  american bull shit.  Your disgusting language 
                                  and insults are too childish for me.   I think 
                                  you've been faking it.  You're an italian 

American Woman   12/06/01 12:05 AM daddy want some spaghetti 

Aaron   12/06/01 12:05 AM Is this what passes for wit in Italia? 

American Woman   12/06/01 12:07 AM yes we we. 

Aaron   12/06/01 12:08 AM Oui? (as in yes?) 
                                  That's FUCKING FRENCH. 

American Woman   12/06/01 12:10 AM weee weee we know 

Aaron   12/06/01 12:11 AM What are you, the queen of America? 

American Woman   12/06/01 12:12 AM yea 

Aaron   12/06/01 12:12 AM Can i marry you? 

American Woman   12/06/01 12:13 AM no 

American Woman   14/06/01 12:24 AM hello 

American Woman   17/06/01 12:40 AM hey 

Aaron   17/06/01 12:40 AM Hey. 

American Woman   17/06/01 12:40 AM wasup 

Aaron   17/06/01 12:41 AM Vocabulary. 

American Woman   17/06/01 12:42 AM huh 

Aaron   17/06/01 12:43 AM I don't know... wasup? 

American Woman   17/06/01 12:43 AM notta thang..just chillin..what about u?> 

Aaron   17/06/01 12:46 AM You mean that the climate of america is very 
                                  cold now?  I was under the impression that it 
                                  was warm all year round, as it is cold here. 
                                  Is the planet earth's climate not similar to 

American Woman   17/06/01 12:47 AM nope it is warm here..but chillin means like 
                                  your just hangin out like around the house and 
                                  crap like that 

Aaron   17/06/01 12:48 AM What do you mean by crap?  Is hanging not 
                                  fun... what does it have to do with poo? 

American Woman   17/06/01 12:49 AM no just like stuff or it can mean 

Aaron   17/06/01 12:49 AM Did you mean poop?  Are you pooping right now? 

American Woman   17/06/01 12:49 AM no i am not poopin right now! 

Aaron   17/06/01 12:50 AM Did you just finish? 

American Woman   17/06/01 12:50 AM nope.. 

Aaron   17/06/01 12:50 AM Then you must be doing stuff? 

American Woman   17/06/01 12:51 AM yea i am 

Aaron   17/06/01 12:51 AM What stuff are you doing? 

American Woman   17/06/01 12:52 AM o just talkin to some people and sittin here 
                                  and watchin tv 

Aaron   17/06/01 12:52 AM You have TV?!! 

American Woman   17/06/01 12:53 AM yea the televison 

Aaron   17/06/01 1:09 AM  You HAVE A TELEVISION!??!! 

American Woman   17/06/01 1:10 AM  yea..why 

Aaron   17/06/01 1:20 AM  It's just that they are very rare and sought 
                                  after in canada.  Do you have more than one? 

American Woman   17/06/01 1:21 AM  yea i have 5 in my house 

Aaron   17/06/01 1:22 AM  FIVE!?   Why, our entire village has not one. 
                                  Do you use all five at the same time? 

American Woman   17/06/01 1:23 AM  no not really..well u can if u wanted to..i 
                                  have one in my room and one in my moms room 
                                  and one in the living room and one in my 
                                  brothers room and one in the basement 

Aaron   17/06/01 1:24 AM  I would humbly request that you sent the 
                                  basement television to our village.  We are in 
                                  dire need.  Just like children in brazil, we 
                                  desperatly need your help. 

American Woman   17/06/01 1:25 AM  umm we give a girl from brazil 30 dollars a 
                                  month for her family.. 

Aaron   17/06/01 1:26 AM  How much do tv;s cost? 

American Woman   17/06/01 1:27 AM  umm..i dunno..they are pretty exspensive! 

Aaron   17/06/01 1:27 AM  Perhaps 360 dollars? 

Aaron   19/07/01 9:26 PM  How's it going? 

American Woman   19/07/01 9:28 PM  good..what about u 

Aaron   19/07/01 9:28 PM  bad, what about you? 

American Woman   19/07/01 9:30 PM  good 

Aaron   19/07/01 9:30 PM  Really? 

American Woman   19/07/01 9:31 PM  yup.. 

Aaron   19/07/01 9:31 PM  NOO! 

American Woman   19/07/01 9:32 PM  what? 

Aaron   19/07/01 9:32 PM  do you even listen to me? 

American Woman   19/07/01 9:33 PM  yea..y are u bad> 

Aaron   19/07/01 9:34 PM  Well, my parents made me polish the igloo, so 
                                  I'm very tired. 

American Woman   19/07/01 9:35 PM  oic..well that sux 

Aaron   19/07/01 9:35 PM  Shiny igloo, or being tired? 

American Woman   19/07/01 9:37 PM  both 

Aaron   19/07/01 9:37 PM  Well a shiny igloo is an invisible one, so my 
                                  mother says. 

American Woman   19/07/01 9:38 PM  oic 

Aaron   19/07/01 9:39 PM  NOO!  That's the point, you shouldn't.  You 
                                  should not see. 

American Woman   19/07/01 9:40 PM  o ok!! 

Aaron   14/08/01 11:35 PM Why did you put english twice under your 
                                  spoken languages in your info?  Do you speak 
                                  english twice as well as me? 

American Woman   14/08/01 11:36 PM no i dont mean it like that! 

Aaron   14/08/01 11:37 PM How DO you mean it? 

American Woman   14/08/01 11:37 PM i diunno..i just put it in there.. 

Aaron   14/08/01 11:38 PM Excuses, excuses... so how's basketball and 

American Woman   14/08/01 11:39 PM just now startin volleyball..i ache 

Aaron   14/08/01 11:41 PM Have you tried ice? 

American Woman   14/08/01 11:41 PM what? 

Aaron   14/08/01 11:42 PM Have you tried icing your muscles? 

American Woman   14/08/01 11:42 PM yea..but they still hurt 

Aaron   14/08/01 11:43 PM Have you tried hot ice? 

American Woman   14/08/01 11:44 PM umm yea 

Aaron   14/08/01 11:45 PM Good... how hot was it? 

American Woman   21/08/01 11:50 PM hey 

Aaron   21/08/01 11:50 PM HHHEEEEYYY 

American Woman   21/08/01 11:50 PM whats goin on 

Aaron   21/08/01 11:51 PM I'm having a party!!  Wanna come? 

American Woman   21/08/01 11:51 PM i would come..but not all the way to canada 

Aaron   21/08/01 11:52 PM Why not?  That's where I live. 

American Woman   21/08/01 11:53 PM i kno but i live in the usa 

Aaron   26/02/02 7:07 PM  Hey, how's it going? 

American Woman   26/02/02 7:09 PM  umm i goota go 

Aaron   26/02/02 7:09 PM  Are you just avoiding me? 

American Woman   26/02/02 7:09 PM  nope..i gotta go