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Explanation:  The comic here was a project for Art Fundamentals.  It was a parody of another 
student's project that was loosely based on "The Little Prince."  So everyone will recognize a 
teensy bit from there.  Basically this student's projects were all about his personal angst and 
loneliness.  So this statement which was read to 60+ people, was direct mockery.  People in the 
class will recognize my street and fire imagery as taken directly from the lonely video he produced. 
 Camera shots and format in the comic are also very familiar.

Yes, I'm a bad person... but I had so much fun.

Ideas and Images

Artist Statement - Aaron White

	You might remember from my last presentation that I'd wanted to do a comic book. 
Being pressed for time, I decided against this.  You may also remember the extreme burning 
loneliness I felt.  Perhaps you recall the insalubrious feelings of solitude I was going through, and 
	While wandering the streets for many days I found myself at a crossroad.  Would I 
continue to play this game of life? ... Or would I try again with my own rules?  On a close 
inspection of my problems, I found that most of my sorrows could be derived from trying 
unsuccessfully to "fit in", or "have a girlfriend".  So instead of going through the daily humiliation of 
finding and keeping human friends, I decided to build my own.  After labouring to find supplies, I 
attempted to assemble a robot girlfriend.  With an entire weekend lost to this endeavor, I gave up.  
Building a faithful robot is harder than tv would make it seem.  This failure was disheartening to say 
the least.  As I spiralled deeper into the black pit of depression, my anguish quickly threatened to 
consume my soul like dried tinder on the intense fires of lonliness.  In a final bid for happiness I 
conjured a friend from the darkness of my imagination.  He was a pink bunny.  His name too, was 
Bunny.  I fed him carrots, and now he appreciates me for who I am, without judging me.  I have 
lived in harmony with him for five weeks now.  I felt it was time to share the joy he brings me, with 
you, in the hopes that we too can be friends later today.
	The piece I did for you all is a storybook depiction of Bunny.  It attempts to illustrate our 
mutually beneficial friendship, and attest to the many qualities that make me a good person.
	In conclusion, I conclude that you are all as lonely as I am.  However, only a few of us 
have the courage to live miserable, lonely, isolated lives apart from all humans like I do.